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Affiliation Toa Zephin
Powers Fire
Kanohi Unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation AG-ih-mah

Agima is a Toa of Fire and leader of the Toa Zephin from the Altronia Continuity.


Agima was a Ta-Matoran on Metru Nui, and was part of a group of Matoran who left on a mission of exploration. After the arrival on an island they found, they were informed by its Makuta, Anranok, that it was called Talinar.

Over several years, they built a city, Zephincor, and several smaller villages. During this time, Toa Talon arrived on the island and, using three Toa stones, selected Agima and two other Matoran to be the Toa of the island. It was decided that their Toa team would be called the Toa Zephin, and although leadership was offered to Talon as the most experienced, he deferred it to Agima.

About ten years before Teridax gained control of the Brotherhood of Makuta, Agima suggested that Zephincor create a security force, since the Toa Zephin were often busy helping in the villages. The Zephincor Security Force was created, and, when Talon refused to, Agima picked the commander of the ZSF.

Roughly nine years later, Anranok, used his Rahi control powers to capture Rahi and give them infected masks. He then unleashed the Rahi all over Talinar, and Agima was forced to spend a great deal of his time protecting the villages. Fortunately for him and his team, Zalkatrex and the Hokanuka learned of the situation and decided to help. Although a little skeptical, Agima was very grateful for his aid. During the conflict, one of Agima's teammates, Vike, was captured by Anranok. After several battles with Rahi, the team was able to confront Anranok directly alongside Zalkatrex and defeat the Makuta and his minions for good.

After the conflict, Zalkatrex recommended that the Toa Zephin join the Order of Altronia, which the team eventually did. Agima retained his status as leader of the Toa Zephin and received training from and performed several missions for the order.

Agima participated in the battle of the Altronia Fortress and the following battle of Cekadax's fortress with his team, their one act of note being their fight with Myriax during the latter battle. Although some injuries were suffered in the battle against Cekadax the team still participated in the following battle of Crystal Island against Makuta Rularx. The fate of the team after the battle's conclusion is currently unknown.

Powers and Equipment[]

Powers []

  • Fire
    • Fire Absorption: As a Toa of Fire, Agima can absorb fire into his system to restore his elemental energy or even boost it.
    • Fire Creation: Agima can create elemental fire, drawing from a pool of elemental energy, as well as control and destroy it.
    • Fire Resistance: Agima is extremely resistant to heat and fire, with plasma being one of the sole sources hot enough to cause damage.
    • Nova Blast: Agima can unleash all of his elemental power in a single, devastating blast, though it would leave him drained of energy.
  • Kanohi Usage: As a Toa, Agima can use masks of Noble and Great power levels.


  • Tactical Mastery: Agima is a skilled tactician, honed from years of experience.
  • Skilled Leader: Agima is a skilled leader of the Toa Zephin, in part thanks to the tutelage of Talon, and is able to coordinate with and utilize the skills of his team effectively.


Agima's mask is currently unknown at this time.


He carries two swords featuring fire motifs. While traditionally used to channel elemental powers and as a defensive tool, Agima has taken to using them as an offensive tool since joining the Order of Altronia.

Personality and Traits[]

He is a justice-loving Toa, and puts a lot of trust in his friends. His time as a leader of a Toa team, as well as leading them through many hard times and fights, has hardened him somewhat. He is still assertive and a good strategic thinker, though.

He is cautious and prefers to not jump into situations too quickly, a trait passed onto him by Talon.


  • Agima and his team have ironically featured more in the Land of War storyline than in the flashback story where he was introduced, as that story was never finished.