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Altronia Fortress
Position Altronia
Size Changing
Status In existence
Pronunciation al-TROHH-NEE-UHH

Altronia Fortress is a structure built by Faxhuun and serves as the home base of the Order of Altronia.


Altronia fortress was built by Faxhuun to house his group of Toa, later to be called the Order of Altronia. He also built it larger than he needed at the moment, so that it could house and future operatives.

The fortress has been attacked many times, but rebuilt just as many times as well. It has also been expanded to house the ever-growing Order that it houses.


The fortress sits on the southwestern side of Altronia, on a hill on the edge of the plateau. It over looks quite a view, is the side with the lookout tower overlooks the drop-off from the plateau.


  • Faxhuun's Door is the strongest door in the place, and has never been breached.