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Affiliation Brotherhood of Makuta
Powers Kraata powers
Kanohi Great Shovakh
Status Unknown
Pronunciation ANN-rah-nock

"Anranok doesn't always hit where it counts, but, honestly, that's because he doesn't need to."

Anranok is the Makuta of Talinar from the Altronia Continuity.


Anranok was created, along with the rest of his species, by the Great Beings when they created the Matoran Universe. Shortly after this, Anranok was posted on Talinar to supervise the land.

He joined Teridax in his attempt to conquer the universe, and decided to do his part by unleashing Rahi wearing infected masks on the populace of Zephincor, the capital of Talinar, planning to weaken the defenses and distract the Toa of the island before overthrowing it with a force of Rahkshi and Rahi. During the conflict, he captured a Toa named Vike, locking the Toa in stasis in his headquarters. His efforts to conquer the island were frustrated by the Toa Zephin and Zalkatrex, where in a final confrontation he was believed killed by Zalkatrex.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Shadow: Anranok is capable of wielding Shadow power in multiple fashions.
    • Shadow Projection: Anranok can create Shadow and fire shadow energy from his hands.
    • Shadow Absorption: Anranok can absorb Shadow to boost his power or simply release again at an opponent.
    • Shadow Hand Projection: Anranok can create a shadow hand to do his bidding. He decides beforehand what the hand should do and aims it; the hand does the rest.
  • Multipowers: Anranok has access to all 42 of the known Rahkshi powers, with Shadow being the strongest. Some are more prominent than others in different Makuta, and those that are especially strong in Anranok are listed below.
    • Rahi Control: Anranok has the ability to control any type of reptilian, avian, mammalian, or icthyoid Rahi within a radius of a few miles.
    • Insect Control: Anranok has the ability to control any type of arthropod within a radius of a few miles.
    • Fragmentation: Anranok has the ability to cause various objects to explode violently, either by sheer force of will, by an energy bolt, or by conjuring energy around his hands and/or weapons.
  • Kanohi Usage: Anranok, like all Makuta, can use Kanohi masks of Noble or Great power levels.


Anranok wears a Great Mask of Armor Assimilation, allowing him to absorb armor from others through physical contact and add it to his own.


His weapon of choice was a war hammer with a spike on the top, which he called a seismic hammer. The hammer was capable of creating small seismic shocks or blasting energy outwards in a semi circle away from it and its user when slammed into the ground, and was often paired with his fragmentation powers.

Personality and Traits[]

Anranok was an expert on Rahi behavior. He had mastered his power of Rahi control, and used it frequently. Part of his expertise stemmed from his creation of his own Rahi and study of Rahi that other Makuta had created, and he attempted to make what he considered "more perfect designs" of several different Rahi created by others.

He considered himself as one of the "warrior Makuta" along the lines of Ikirro, but met his demise well before he could make any real impact in conquering the universe.

He tended towards being temperamental and preferred a blunt instrument to solve problems, both literally and figuratively.


  • Anranok was one of the characters Argh used on the Lego Message Boards Bionicle Roleplay when he led the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.