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Affiliation Revolutionaries
Powers Intangibility, Flight
Kanohi None
Status Alive
Pronunciation ASS-trih-CUSS

Astricus is a Wrenix and a member of the Revolutionaries the Altronia Continuity.


Astricus came into being on the Wrenix home island, whose location is unknown.

At some point, Astricus was inducted into the ranks of the Brotherhood of Makuta as a servant of the Makuta, eventually being assigned to Rularx, who assembled his servants into the Revolutionaries.

Astricus rose to second-in-command of the Revolutionaries' merit-based authority system, second only to Vissus, whom he came to disdain for his mercenary tendencies. He also developed a fierce rivalry with Tamrix, the Runask's personality being perfectly suited to getting on Astricus's nerves.

After Burtok's death at the hands of fellow Makuta Cekadax, Rularx took over his fortress on Crystal Island, bringing the Revolutionaries with him.

After the defeat of the Makuta at Cekadax's Fortress by the hand of the Order of Altronia, Ikirro came to Crystal Island to join Rularx, and Astricus wished to duel with Ikirro's deputy, Recapar, which Ikirro predicted to be an interesting battle.

Ikirro tested Astricus against Tamrix to check their mettle, but the fight would likely have turned fatal if Ikirro had not broken it up. When Myriax approached the Revolutionaries, Astricus volunteered to engage her in combat as a pre-recruitment test. Astricus later came to resent her, since her electrical power assured her victory over him in combat, even if she was ultimately placed below him in the Revolutionaries hierarchy.

When the Vindicators invaded the fortress, Astricus engaged Suntrah in combat, which Astricus won after a well-matched battle, but Slaryka came to Suntrah's rescue. Slaryka ultimately defeated Astricus, leaving him unconscious inside the fortress.

When Rularx's giant Time Dilation Accelerator was sabotaged by Zallirix, all the Revolutionaries were carried into the Junction Dimension along with the center of Crystal Island itself.



  • Intangibility: Astricus is capable of manipulating his molecular structure to pass through matter, even solid walls, unimpeded. This allows him to levitate, since he is not affected by gravity while in this state.
  • Flight: Astricus is able to propel himself through the air under his own power, even while tangible. He is not particularly nimble, but he can move faster through the air than on foot.
  • Agility: Astricus, as a Wrenix, is nimble on his feet or on all fours.
  • Bladed Tail: Like all Wrenix, Astricus has a tail, in his case, also sporting a natural, claw-like blade on the end.
  • Hunger Rhotuka: Astricus's Rhotuka drain energy from a target, increasing his physical attributes, such as strength and durability. He currently does not possess the necessary equipment to use them.


  • Swordfighting: Astricus is skilled with his barbed blades, and incorporates is own natural tail blade into his combat style as well.
  • Scheming: Astricus is capable of devising manipulative strategies in the moment, so long as he is not overcome by emotion. He is also adept at planning long-term agendas for his own gain.


  • Kanohi: Astricus wears no mask, since most do not fit Wrenix, and he lacks the mental discipline to use mask powers.
  • Barbed Blades: Astricus carries a pair of blades lined with short spikes for melee combat, which can be used for shredding, slicing, or stabbing.


  • Electricity: The nature of Astricus's intangibility power makes him particularly vulnerable to damage from electricity-based attacks.


Astricus is highly ambitious and competitive, even among his fellow Revolutionaries. He resents being placed second in the hierarchy, and as a result disdains Vissus more than he normally would. Astricus will loudly shout the praises of the Brotherhood of Makuta at the slightest opportunity, wholeheartedly convinced of the merit of their supremacy over the rest of the universe. Astricus is a confident, aggressive being, only retreating from battle long enough to plan his next charge. Astricus greatly enjoys combat, but enjoys defeating the enemies of the Makuta almost as much as he enjoys the combat itself.



  • Astricus's name is based off the word asteral. while usually meant to mean "From the stars"; It can also refer to spirits and apparitions, which Astricus resembles when intangible.
  • Astricus's personality is heavily inspired by that of Lugnut from Transformers Animated.