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Sidorak12814 Sidorak12814 22 February 2011


Well, I just returned from camp yesterday. I brought with me a new flashlight, a head cold, some more story written, and a closer relationship with my Lord.

I plan to speak about each of these a bit. First, the camp was held by my church, and it was a very powerful spiritual experience, let me tell you. There. I "said" it. So, yeah. It was awesome. It was awesome for other reasons, too. They had a tubing hill at the camp. And vanilla bean frappes. And green apple Mentos. And I got to see 00danno (Time time5/Varon's younger brother) wrestle with someone two inches shorter than he and get pinned for ninety seconds flat. That was cool, too.

Second, the flashlight was something I bought in the camp gift shop. It has six high-power LED lights bui…

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ArghYeMatey ArghYeMatey 15 February 2011

A Question, among other things.

Hi all. ArghYeMatey here.

For those of you who don't know. On the Lego Message Boards, there is a topic called "A Toa/Makuta Adventure". This topic is about humans, somehow ending up in the Bionicle world and doing various things. The most common one would be the humans gaining elemental powers and then being tasked with saving Mata-Nui.

I did a multi-member story on that thread, and have been editing it to top quality.

So, I have a question. Sidd, do you mind if I put it on this wiki? It's not really Altronia continuity stuff, but I think it should be allowed on this wiki.

I don't really have much else to say, other than that you can probably look forward to a story made by Rahaga806, Legolover361, and I.

And that's about it. If you have any q…

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Sidorak12814 Sidorak12814 29 January 2011

First Wikitronia Blog!

Well, here we are. Here I am. Here you are. Here is my keyboard. And here is my adrenalin-boosted random-teenager behavior.

Enough of that. I would like to welcome you all to Wikitronia, the Altronia Continuity database that anyone can edit. Of course, all you vandals out there who are no doubt planning your assault on the world sensible people will be hunted down and eliminated if you show your faces (or typing fingers) here.

Also, I'd like to announce that we are now just short of 70 articles! There's plenty more to create, but all the species pages, fundamental template pages, story pages, and articles from A through E are done.

I've developed an alphabetical method for getting the pages up here. I just open two tabs, one here, one at CBWi…

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