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Burtok's Fortress
Position Central Crystal Island
Size Approximately 16,000 square feet
Population Unknown
Status Intact
Pronunciation BURR-tock

Burtok's Fortress, sometimes known as Rularx's Fortress, is a Makuta fortress on Crystal Island.


The fortress was erected by Burtok as soon as he was assigned to Crystal Island by Miserix. He used it as a place of seclusion in which he could work in his lab in peace, using the power of the volcano he embedded the structure in to fuel his experiments.

Burtok then began using it as a place to process Lightning Crystals and harness their power. In part because of the potential of his work, the fortress became the site of several skirmishes with the Avenging Alliance. In the last fight, it was severely damaged by the combat before being left to be buried in a lava flow from the volcano.

Soon after, Rularx took notice of the fortress's vacancy and set up shop there, renovating it to suit his needs. He activated installed two defensive measures, Defense Mode and Lockdown Mode. The former put up a power-resistant force field around the structure to prevent entry, and the latter generated a similar field, but along all the walls and doors of the interior of the structure. Even Lockdown Mode proved ineffective against the might of Makuta Ikirro when he rescued the Vindicators. The fortress was outfitted with a massive Time Dilation Accelerator and was to be used by Rularx as a mobile base from which to conquer the Matoran Universe, but the Accelerator was damaged by Zallirix and the fortress, along with its native island, were sent to an Unknown Dimension.


The fortress was located in the center of Crystal Island, embedded in its volcanic peak.



  • Sidd has a pretty good idea of what the interior of the fortress would look like and may draw schematics in the future.