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This article is about the organization. You may be looking for the sapient race.

Order of Altronia
Headquarters Altronia Fortress
Leader Faxhuun
Goal Kill Makuta
Status Active
Allies Hokanuka, Toa Zephin, Toa all around the universe
Enemies Brotherhood, Dark Hunters

The Order of Altronia is a fortress-based group of revolutionary Toa and Toa-like beings.


The Order was at one point instituted by Faxhuun, and he was given a small number of Toa to begin with. Over time, more and more Toa joined, especially those who were mutants but wanted to still fight for the Matoran, and those who had fallen away and wanted to get back on the straight and narrow. Faxhuun stressed that any ally was welcome and needed against a powerful enemy.

He got one when the Brotherhood turned on the universe. Faxhuun and his Order immediately began actively hunting down their fortresses and lairs, killing the Makuta when possible and laying waste to their hideouts. He continues to do that to this day.

Notable Members[]

Training sticks used by the Order


Faxhuun tries to stick to classic Toa virtues, including mercy on a defeated opponent. This goes out the window when he masses and army to attack another organization.

Faxhuun likes to have as many hands on deck as possible, and will not often turn down a sincere offer of membership or alliance.


  • Argh knows more about this than Sidd.
  • Their symbol looks just like the head of Varoak's spear. The spear was probably created after the symbol.
  • The Hokanuka refer to them as "the Altronians", despite the fact that they are in fact not of that race.

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