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Affiliation Hokanuka Cult
Powers none
Kanohi Huna
Status Alive, Mutant
Pronunciation CAT-row-lehv

Catrolev is a Hokanuka Assassin from the Altronia Continuity.


Catrolev was created at some point in history, somewhat after Slaryka.

Catrolev was a demonstrably skilled assassin and spy, and was quickly given that job for the Hokanuka Cult, spending several years gathering information for the Hokanuka and assassinating key targets.

One one mission, he was attacked by a being with a mask of mutation, though as they were mutating Catrolev messed up his concentration, and turned into what he is now. He was made much stronger, given much tougher armor, along with a stinger tail, with a life of its own. It soon became his best and only friend.

He was quickly reassigned to missions requiring brute force and served as something of an enforcer, as his new form possessed virtually none of the stealthy quality his original form held.

Catrolev was recalled to Altronia by Zalkatrex shortly before the conflicts on the island broke out, allowing him to participate in the Battle of Cekadax's Fortress. In the following Battle of Crystal Island, Catrolev was assigned with a kill team to preoccupy or eliminate Makuta Ikirro and prevent the Makuta's involvement in the battle. However, the team successfully converted Ikirro to their side instead.

Catrolev's fate upon the battle's conclusion is currently unknown.

Powers and Abilities[]

Catrolev has the Counter-Absorption power all Hokanuka have, though he rarely uses it.

Catrolev's physical strength post-mutation was unmatched in almost all the Order until Yaltrax was admitted. He can lift several times his weight and land blows from his club/sword hard enough to chop a Makuta in half. He is also very durable, able to stand up to more punishment than any other Hokanuka and almost as much as Yaltrax. However, Trallix became more durable after his upgrade/mutation.


Catrolev's stinger is alive, separate from Catrolev's consciousness, and has a variety of powers.

The stinger can inject a deadly venom upon injection into a target's body, or drain energy from the target. The stinger has eyes that can seek out a target, and it can fire lasers from these eyes using excess energy it absorbs. It can also link it's mind with Catrolev's, allowing them to communicate and Catrolev to see what it sees.

The stinger it fused to Catrolev by several layers of armor and mechanisms, and is very hard to separate, but, if it was, it would try to reattach itself.


Catrolev uses a Great Huna, which helps him sneak around. It's use is somewhat dulled by his current form.


Catrolex uses a sword that is very sharp, as well was thick toward the base, so it can act as a razor-sharp blade or a blunt club. The sword weighs a stinkin' ton (exaggerated, of course).

Personality and Traits[]

Catrolev once was very cold. He showed no mercy toward opponents and found a certain pleasure in killing his victims in creative ways or after creative setups.

After his mutation, Catrolev became more self-reflective and grew concerned that his years of service and killing had had no real impact on the world. This concern was further amplified when many Hokanuka treated him as an outcast and less useful to the cult due to his mutation.

Catrolev is clever, and can devise and deduce strategy better than he looks like he should be able to. He also often comes up with creative ways to tell someone to shut up without speaking himself.