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Titanite-upgraded form Monster form
Affiliation Brotherhood
Powers 42 Rahkshi powers
Kanohi Unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation SEE-kah-dacks

"Make yourself useful or make yourself scarce."
―Cekadax to Burtok [src]

Cekadax was the Makuta of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.


Cekadax began her life like any other Makuta, by being created by Mata Nui approximately 100,000 years ago. Cekadax, following her duty, created Rahi with the other Makuta, but in the end found it quite a bore, and so started experimenting with armor, trying to make something better then protosteel. Eventually, she quit because another Makuta named Rularx, "accidentally " fused a Rahi with some armor that she had made that was actually as tough as protosteel. Cekadax reacted by sending Rularx through five or six walls, along with seven different floors and into four or five Rahkshi, and they became enemies.

Later, when all the Makuta were assigned to islands, Cekadax was assigned to Altronia. After a while of her watching a little too closely then Miserix wanted her to, she found out that Rularx had been reassigned to a different island, much to her displeasure. 

When Teridax rebelled against Miserix, Cekadax instantly sided with him, in the hopes that Teridax would be a little less watchful of what his fellow Makuta were doing so that she could kill Rularx or have some peace by herself doing what she wanted to.

After all the Makuta evolved into a different form of Antidermis and Teridax assigned the Nynrah Ghosts to modify all of the Makuta's armor to accommodate their new virus like form, Cekadax had one Nynrah Ghost, named Typhimar, assigned to her to help her experiment on making a new type of armor better then protosteel.

Eventually, Cekadax succeeded in her scientific endeavors and created a new armor that was, overall, superior to protosteel. After her success she killed Typhimar, created a new armor set for herself and isolated herself from her fellow Makuta to keep her developments a secret (and because she just didn't like the majority of her brethren).

At some point after creating the new material, Cekadax opted to seize control of the island and turned her laboratory into a hidden and isolated fortress deep in the canyon's of Altronia. The native Altronian population, formerly considered allies, were her first target, and in a brutal war she exterminated or mutated the majority of the population, converting only a few to her side and driving the rest into hiding on the far reaches of the island.

After this she assaulted the Order of Altronia in a surprise attack and was narrowly defeated, becoming a long-term enemy of the Order and skirmishing regularly with them over hundreds of years.

During the events of Land of War, Makuta Burtok came to Cekadax and attempted to leverage information he had on the Order of Altronia for a position of power. Infuriated by Burtok's conniving, Cekadax accepted the information he had and then killed him.

The arrival of Makuta Ikirro and his forces to Altronia revitalized Cekadax's plans and together the two Makuta united their forces for an attack, the Battle of Altronia Fortress. Cekadax did not participate directly in the battle and her forces were ultimately defeated with the arrival of Yelnir reinforcements, much to her frustration.

Cekadax then prepared her remaining troops and defenses for the Battle of Cekadax's Fortress, where an allied force of the Order of Altronia, Yelnir Military, Altronians, and the Hokanuka successfully assaulted and took the fortress. During the battle Cekadax clashed with Faxhuun, Zalkatrex and Trallix, successfully injuring all three and nearly killing Faxhuun before meeting her end at the hands of Trallix.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Shadow: Cekadax is capable of wielding Shadow power in multiple fashions.
    • Shadow Projection: Cekadax can create Shadow and fire shadow energy from her hands.
    • Shadow Absorption: Cekadax can absorb Shadow to boost her power or simply release again at an opponent.
    • Shadow Hand Projection: Cekadax can create a shadow hand to do her bidding. She decides beforehand what the hand should do and aims it; the hand does the rest.
  • Multipowers: Cekadax has access to all 42 of the known Rahkshi powers, with Shadow being the strongest. Some are more prominent than others in different Makuta, and Cekadax was prone to using the destructive powers most.
  • Kanohi Usage: Cekadax, like all Makuta, can use Kanohi masks of Noble or Great power levels.


Cekadax's mask is unknown, most likely because it was never actually decided upon.


Cekadax wielded a variety of swords, her favorite being a double-bladed sword, and had a treasure chest full of weapons as well, such as the acid blasters she used to kill Burtok an an ancient energy-generating blade she used to empower herself and her allies. She also had a set of jet wings attached to her armor which allowed her to fly, and was the only piece of her armor that was not made of her super-material.

Personality and Traits[]

Cekadax was somewhat easily provoked, especially by Rularx, and tended to be very brutal and destructive when provoked.

Despite her sometimes overly angry demeanor, she was a good strategist and planner, which is why she was assigned to go after the Order of Altronia Fortress. At times, though, her anger would affect her planning and judgement skills.

Cekadax was an exceedingly skilled, if erratic, scientist as well, having successfully created a material that was stronger, if less malleable, than protosteel. She was also selfish, keeping the finding to herself.

She had various deadly weapons, such as acid blasters, and enjoyed frying her enemies in various horrible ways. In general, Cekadax enjoyed violence and cruelty, preferring to annihilate her enemies or make them suffer rather than conquer them.


  • Argh slightly based her personality off of Gorast.
  • Cekadax was one of the least skilled fighters of the Makuta Argh and Sidd created, if not the least.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.