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This article's subject was created by ArghYeMatey and Sidorak12814.

Cekadax's Fortress
Position Southeast Altronia
Size 17,000 square feet
Population Approximately 100
Status Seized by the Order of Altronia
Pronunciation SEE-kah-Dacks

Cekadax's Fortress is a massive Makuta fortress on Altronia.


The fortress was built by Makuta Cekedax shortly after the Great Cataclysm as a launching point for the campaign to conquer the Artidax region. Cekadax constructed her personal fortress in the side of a mountain, even disguising it as part of the mountain, so as to better conceal it.

Cekadax requested the help of the native Altronians, and the controversy this caused threw the Altronians into civil war which ravaged the island. Eventually, the majority of the natives came to reside in the Makuta complex alongside Cekadax and her Rahkshi and mercenaries.

The fortress was attacked several times by the Order of Altronia, but never successfully, until one campaign of Cekedax's which prompted the Order of enlist the help of the Yalnam militia. Cekadax's forces were overwhelmed and the fortress was invaded and seized by the Order of Altronia, with the fortress's creator meeting her end at the hand of Trallix.

Since the battle, the Order of Altronia, under order of Faxhuun, has commandeered the structure for their own purposes.


Cekedax's fortress is located to the southeast side of Altronia, embedded in a mountain. It's front gate is the mountainside, and the mountain is surrounded by evergreen forest.



  • In Sidorak12814's version of the story, the fortress is standing separate from the mountain surrounded by forest. Sidd is aware of the discrepancy between his description and the official description, but at the time he was writing about the fortress's appearance for the first time, the official appearance was not yet fully fleshed out. Sidd chose not to rewrite the scene and stuck with his description for the sake of consistency, and also because the structure of the fortress is not a main emphasis of his storytelling.