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Affiliation Yelnir Guard
Kanohi Miru
Status Alive, Active
Pronunciation CORE-oh

Choro is a Yelnir spy/officer from the Altronia Continuity.


Choro was an officer of the main Yelnir faction when the three factions engaged in civil war. He spent thousands of years in different roles, both on the front lines and as a spy, working in the times of peace and especially in war.

Eventually, a potentially suicidal mission came up that had the potential to end the warring for good and Choro volunteered himself. He then set out to Stelt with two other Yelnir to recruit himself a mercenary team, as he didn't want to risk any more Yelnir lives in the actual mission. In the process he met Lihee, Zartok, and Thravak, and recruited all three for the mission.

During their trip back to Yalnam, the main Yelnir island, the transport ship was caught in a storm and crash-landed on Crystal Island. The team was forced to explore the island some to find the materials needed to repair the ship and they encountered a force of the local Makuta, Burtok (who, at the time, was posing as Makuta Rayzok) and were caught in combat. In the skirmish, Zartok was struck with a mutagenic substance, gradually changing his form.

The team was able to leave the island, unknowingly drawing Burtok after them, and continued to Yalnam.

Choro then led the team, joined by fellow Yelnir Lutaan and a handful of elite drones, in a lightning strike on the main enemy headquarters where they para-dropped into the main facility, fighting their way through Vahki guards to seize a central conference room which was meant to be hosting the enemy's top leaders.

As it turned out, Burtok had infiltrated the HQ already and, curious to see what his mutagen had accomplished, killed the leadership, shapeshifted to pretend to be the main leader and waited for Choro's team. When they arrived, he surprised them by revealing his form as Rayzok and attacked the team, hitting Zartok with a second mutagenic dose and convincing him to follow.

Choro used the main intercom station of the HQ to explain to the enemy that a Makuta had killed the leadership and there was no sense fighting anymore. Due to the hatred the Yelnir have for Makuta, his ploy worked and the enemy ultimately surrendered, ending the longstanding war once and for all.

Afterward, Lihee convinced Choro and Thravak to go after Zartok and the Makuta, explaining that there was a team of resisters on Crystal Island they could team up with. Choro relinquished leadership to Lihee, feeling a Toa was better suited to provide the team with a moral compass and accomplish their heroic goals.

The team made their way to Crystal Island, finding the Matoran Rupiku and joined forces with the Avenging Alliance to defeat Rayzok/Burtok. Choro went off by himself after one fight and beat the living crud out of Vaturi, reducing her robot form to a pile of rubbish, due to his deep dislike of traitors.

The team helped defeat Burtok for the last time after numerous skirmishes, alongside the Alliance and four Hokanuka who just arrived and Yarik, who was there all along. Choro joined the Alliance, Hokanuka, and his close comrades to Altronia. He stayed briefly with the Order of Altronia, but upon learning of the risk of all-out war with Makuta Cekadax, the Makuta of Altronia, Choro returned to Yalnam to attempt to recruit the Yelnir guard to the fight.

He returned in time for the Battle of Altronia Fortress and fought alongside the Universal Alliance, holding out until the Yelnir Guard arrived to turn the tide. He then fought in the following Battle of Cekadax's Fortress and was part of the group that battled Makuta Ikirro, a fight the group barely survived.

Choro later participated in the Battle of Crystal Island against Makuta Rularx, fighting Vissus and Tehdak of Rularx's elite mercenary force the Revolutionaries. When Rularx's fortress was teleported into another dimension, Choro and his teammates were teleported as well. His current location is unknown.

Powers and Abilities[]

Choro can fire plasma from his sword, and wield it with great skill. He can potentially overload and detonate the sword as well, though to do so would be extremely dangerous.

Choro is extremely agile, and is known to bounce off of walls to confuse and annoy his enemies and avoid attacks. Like all Yelnir, he has strong legs which allow him to hit with very powerful kicks.

He can use Kanohi of both Noble and Great variants, like all Yelnir.

Choro is in general a skilled fighter and capable leader, having led several missions for the Yelnir guard.


Choro has the Mask of Levitation, which he uses to aid his agility and save himself from hard landings.


Choro has a high-torque drill that can bore through most substances and catch/redirect projectiles.

Choro has boots on his feet that have springs in the toes so that he can jump around more effectively. They also have shredders on the sides, allowing him to tear through enemy armor and obstacles with his kicks.

Personality and Traits[]

Choro is serious and official when working for the guard, but, when on missions or working with friends, he is light-hearted and cheerful, and he likes to make jokes to keep spirits up. Much of this stems from the violence he's seen while a member of the guard, and since leaving it he strives to distance himself from the dark past and be more like his old self.

Although he may have originally considered himself the more capable leader, Choro accepted Lihee in the role of leader of the Universal Alliance out of the belief that a Toa would be a better moral leader than he could be and that it was the duty of Toa first and foremost to know and enact the will of Mata-Nui.

Choro hates injustice and treachery, and has actually gotten mad at people like that, such as Zartok when he betrayed the team, and Burtok, for being a dork in general. This is one of his few traits that strongly remains from his time serving in the guard and has very nearly gotten him killed before, such as during his fight with Vaturi while she was serving Burtok.


  • Argh uses Choro to channel his sense of humor into his story, although different aspects of humor come from other characters.
  • Choro is actually the Portuguese word for "Cry" and a Brazilian music genre, though that was not known when Choro was named.
  • It has, however, been an inspiration for naming future Yelnir characters by using mixes of Portuguese words.
  • Varon could beat 'em.