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Levuku and Panuko crossing their staffs in true Awesome fashion
Powers Crynok Elements, Agility
Tools Two-Ended Staffs
Status Moderately Populous
Location Rayuna
Pronunciation CRY-nock

Crynok are a civilized species in the Altronia Continuity.



Crynok are Toa-height bipeds with thin builds and Kanohi often covering their faces. They are much thinner than Toa and many other species, and also have almost disproportionately large feet.

There are nine breeds of Crynok, each of which bearing a different armor color and all are approximately equally populous.

We must focus on our unity...


Crynok often carry two-ended staffs for defense and wear masks of both Noble and Great power levels.

Physical Prowess[]

Crynok are very agile, capable of performing many acrobatic feats with ease. They can pull off backflips, wall-jumps, copious midair attacks, and great leaps. They are also very limber, able to bend themselves all the way around from toe to fingertip. Their strength does not differ too greatly from that of a Toa, but they are somewhat weaker. Their armor is also somewhat lighter and thinner.


Crynok each have a power related to the color of their armor, the effects of which are channeled through their staffs. Crynok are not very powerful compared to some other races, but their powers are by no means insignificant. They rely mostly on their agility and speed, which surpass many other races.

Crynok can also use Kanohi of Noble or Great level.


There are nine breeds of Crynok, each being a different base color, and those are the basic non-metallic colors of Bionicle parts new and old. Each breed is tied to a sub-element or element, each different from the fifteen canon Toa elements. Some of them are really powers, but are referred to as elements in the Crynok society. Their powers all manifest in some way in the user itself, giving them an extra ability.

The list of Crynok breeds as relate to their powers is as follows.

  • Green - Acid Venom
    • Can fire acid through staff or from hands, with greater effort.
    • Is immune to their own acid and resistant to many corrosive materials.
  • White - Crystal Formation
    • Can materialize crystals of any sort and use them against a foe. Channeled through staff.
    • Is resistant to harm via crystalline materials and can sense their presence.
  • Blue - Energy Discharge
    • Emits stun energy, which is similar to electricity, but missing some properties.
    • Is immune to their own power and resistant to electric shocks.
  • Red - Force Fields
    • Can generate fields around or shoot kinetic blasts at a target through staff.
    • Can create a one direction-covering force field around self.
  • Brown - Sand Storm
    • Can fire sand from staff, as well as turn solid matter to particles and whip particles into a sandstorm through staff contact.
    • Is resistant to damage and abrasion from sand.
  • Black - Light Cancellation
    • Can fire blasts of shadow energy from staff, as well as lace a substrate with darkness that entraps others in the vicinity.
    • Is resistant to both shadow energy and light energy.
  • Yellow - Ionizing Radiation
    • Can project high-energy radiation from their staff with sufficient power to melt solid Protodermis, as well as superheat objects with a touch.
    • Is highly resistant to heat and radiation.
  • Purple - Gravitic Force
    • Can fire gravity waves from staff, as well as alter or erase gravity in an area on contact.
    • Have near-perfect balance and physical coordination
  • Teal - Weather Control
    • Can fire blasts of wind from staff, as well as generate storms in local area on contact.
    • Have ability to hold breath longer than normal, and greater survival ability in harsh weather.

Society and Culture[]

Crynok are peaceful, but adventurous and far from cowardly. They prefer to avoid war, and try not to get into close entanglements with other species, but the relationship with the Yelnir is an exception, as the species are so similar and on such good terms with each other. They do have a militia, but only use it to keep order.

They are often regarded by other races as being soft members of a Utopian community, but are in fact a strong and formidable people, but simply like to stay out of conflict and keep out of foreign affairs.

Martial Arts[]

This is not logical, being beaten by a n00b!

Crynok have their own distinctive combat style, which the members of their militia specialize in. It featured emphasis on staff combat, but hand-to-hand combat is also taught. Crynok use their long legs to their advantage, using kicks a lot in their fighting style. The art also features several distinct types of acrobatic flips and tricks, used in combat to confuse and disorient opponents.

The users of this art emphasize different aspects of its style, to produce their own variants. Levuku invented an underhanded thrust with his staff, which is especially effective against other Crynok in training. Panuko is more defensive, preferring to plan ahead and keep himself standing until he can land a series of devastating attacks on one opening. Buraka would use her staff to vault into the air more than most. Vaturi is one of the few who never carried a staff.



The Crynok were created by the Great Beings on Spherus Magna, and were placed on the island of Rayuna.

The Crynok Species was always known for being industrious and courageous. They were never afraid to start a war, they just tried to avoid it.

After about 50,000 years of existence, the Crynok wisely decided to form village militias to protect themselves from Rahi, stop riots, and basically keep things under control.


About 33,000 BGC, the Crynok were yanked into war by receptor. They had long had a racial friendship with the Yelnir, but now the Yelnir were at war. The Crynok tried to avoid war, and succeeded for a few millennia, but the Yelnir-attempted persuasion finally paid off, and the Crynok joined the war effort, but were not as dedicated to it as the Yelnir were.


The Crynok species has almost pulled out of the war, and occasionally aids the Yelnir, but never starts battles.

Two of their kind were found as renegades and recruited by the Avenging Alliance.

Two militia officers were sent to make contact with the team, and ended up joining them against Burtok.

Recently, the war ceased, allowing foreign Crynok to return home.

Known Individuals[]


  • Crynok are Sidd's first made up species, but strangely he is just now deciding on their history.
  • Unlike traditional elements, Crynok elements are named with two words, not just one.