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Crystal Raptor
Crystal Raptor.jpg
Powers Agility, Intelligence
Tools Claws, Mandibles, Retractable Blades
Status Thriving
Location Crystal Island
Pronunciation N/A

Crystal Raptors are a breed of small, carnivorous Rahi that inhabit Crystal Island and have a fascination with taking the crystals from the island's beaches.



Crystal Raptors can scale sheer surfaces with their claws and run at high speeds. They are intelligent and hunt in pack units, using good strategy to bring down large prey. They are also very agile and can jump and climb trees with ease.

Natural Tools/Weapons[]

Crystal Raptors have a retractable blade in each arm , which they can use as a weapon or tool. Its blunt side is shaped a little like a shovel, which can be used to carve out holes in the earth or Lightning Crystals out of the beach.


Crystal Raptors tend to carve Lightning Crystals out of the beaches, for collecting as ornaments, which is a rare show of Rahi aesthetics. They also like to slowly eat the crystals, for they are tasty, but hard to eat because of the power contained in them.

Crystal Raptors live in packs, which are loosely knit into larger clans.


Crystal Raptors are carnivorous, hunting live prey.


Crystal Raptors live in nests, usually on hills, in the jungle, or in caves.


Crystal Raptors inhabited Crystal Island ever since their initial creation by Makuta Antroz. They inhabited the land quite peacefully, going about their daily lives, but soon Burtok and Rayzok started trying to use the island as an outpost and power plant for the Brotherhood. The Makuta introduced Scorpio-Spiders into the ecosystem, who started trying to oppress the Raptors and steal the Lightning Crystals that the Raptors liked to collect. This pushed the Raptors over the edge, and they started harassing the Spiders any way they could, and eventually started preying on them.

The Raptors continue to prey on the Spiders to this day.

Known Individuals[]

  • One of the Crystal Island pack leaders


  • The Crystal Raptors originally played a part in the final battle with Burtok on Crystal Island, but that scene was taken out.