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Powers Ice Formation/Projection
Tools Blades
Status Destroyed
Location Crystal Island (Formerly)
Pronunciation KRIS-tehl-ocks

Crystallox was the Vahki Ultima of Ice from the Altronia Continuity.


The robot was created by Burtok to fight the Avenging Alliance. It first tried to intercept and defeat Rohko, but was beaten with what would have been humiliating ease if the machine could have been humiliated. The robot repaired itself and attacked the Alliance alongside its partner Infernix, but the two of them were defeated by Matu and Hoka. The Alliance then buried the robots to hinder their self-repairing, and moved their camp to a new location.

It was destroyed, being ground to bits by Thravak.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Ice:
    • Ice Generation: Crystallox could create ice and lower the local temperature in a limited way. The robot could use this ability to create obstructive ice walls or sharp icicles to use as weapons, as well as ice over enemies.
    • Ice Projection: Crystallox could hurl icicles from its weapons with great speed, which served as a ranged attack. These icicles could also cause a target to ice over on contact.
  • Energy Kanoka: Crystallox had the ability to create Kanoka disks made of solid energy, materialize them inside its mandibles, and fire them at an opponent. These disks had no special powers, only causing damage upon contact with a target.


  • Durability: Crystallox was more durable and resistant to damage than the average Vahki.
  • Isolated Component Functionality: Crystallox's individual body parts could function when separated from each other.
  • Self-Repair: Crystallox, in addition to its durability, had the ability to reassemble itself. The robot had thousands of tiny mechanical components inside it that would, upon large components of the robot being physically drawn near each other, lock onto each other and fit the robot's body back together.


The robot carried twin crystal-shaped blades which channeled its power.

Traits and Mannerisms[]

The droid was cold and calculating, hardly showing any emotion, but simply acting as efficiently as possible.

It had a personality, which evolved slowly over time. Exactly how the droid reprogrammed itself is unknown. It also had a fear of death and was equipped with the ability to feel pain.



  • It was mainly created for comedy relief, and not even named in the original Kanahka's Chronicle. Recently, it was recreated and named, like Infernix for use in the new version of the old story.