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Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Ice
Kanohi Great Donumah
Status Alive
Pronunciation AIR-ih-desh

Eridesh is a Toa of ice from the Altronia Continuity.


Eridesh was turned into a Toa of Ice at some point in the past and joined the Order of Altronia, working as an independent agent for many years.

He fought in both the Battle for Altronia Fortress and the Battle of Cekadax's Fortress, and was wounded in the latter.

When preparations began for the assault on Makuta Rularx's fortress on Crystal Island, Eridesh was insistent on joining the assault in spite of his injuries, encountering and then snubbing Lihee in the process.

He participated in the Battle of Crystal Island, and it is unknown what happened to him when Rularx's fortress was teleported into another dimension at the conclusion of the battle.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Elemental Ice Control: Eridesh has control over the element of Ice, and is able to bend it to his will. Examples include:
    • Ice Creation: Eridesh can create Ice and freeze targets, as well as create snow or other ice-based objects.
    • Ice Manipulation: Eridesh can shape Ice however he pleases and also direct snowstorms.
    • Ice Energy Absorption: Eridesh can absorb energy from Ice to either temporarily boost his power, or to release the extra power in a concentrated blast.
  • Kanohi Usage: As a Toa, Eridesh can use Masks of Noble and Great power levels.


  • Aim: Eridesh possesses superb accuracy when using his ice powers.
  • Skilled Combatant: Eridesh is a skilled and capable fighter, able to effectively wield his ice powers and Crystal Guantlets when in combat.


Eridesh wears the Kanohi Donumah, the Mask of Fortification, which allows him to increase the innate durability of objects he is in contact with. He often uses this to harden the ice crystals he projects from his gauntlets.


Eridesh carries twin Crystal Gauntlets, which focus his power and can fire ice needles and spikes as projectiles.

Personality and Traits[]

Eridesh, ironically for a Toa of ice, is often fiery and determined. He despises injustice as any Toa should but also hold's to Faxhuun's tendency to bend the Toa code, believing that in war one has to do what is necessary to preserve good.

He is exceedingly independent and dislikes working under or taking orders from anyone he does not respect, which may explain his years working as a solo agent for the Order of Altronia.


  • Sidd first referred to the Gauntlets as "EPIC AWESOME."
  • Varon could beat 'em.