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Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Fire
Kanohi Calix
Status Alive
Pronunciation FAC-shoon
"Don't underestimate him. These soldiers are strong, he is the strongest."
Ikirro on Faxhuun [src]

Faxhuun is a Toa of Fire and General of the Order of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.


Early Life[]

Faxhuun was one of the first ten Toa to be created, and he assisted Helryx with creating Metru-Nui. shortly afterwords, he left to create his own organization, after he heard about Helryx's plan to create an Order that would serve Mata Nui. He traveled to many various places, getting a vast amount of knowledge while traveling. During his search to recruit  members, he met Recvak and recruited him. Years later, Faxhuun went to the island of Altronia and with all of his recruits, built a fortress on Altronia.


After the fortress was created, Faxhuun sent agents out to recruit more members, and sent other Agents to contact the natives of Altronia, who lived among the canyons and cliffs. The Altronians were hostile and the emissaries were forced to turn back.

At some point after the creation of the Order and their fortress, Cekadax, the Makuta of Altronia, attacked the Order, catching them by surprise but failing to destroy the Order or seize the fortress. Faxhuun reinforced the fortress after the battle and stepped up recruitment.

During the Toa/Dark Hunter War, Faxhuun sent several Toa to help Metru Nui. After he found out that nearly all of the Toa who he sent that were not called back to Altronia were killed, Faxhuun majorly increased the intensity of the training and got more trainers. During this time, he did not enforce teaching about the Toa code, since he needed tough fighters and since various species were being recruited into the Order of Altronia and most did not have rules about killing.


During the years shortly after the Toa/Dark Hunter War, Zalkatrex approached Faxhuun and revealed the presence of the Hokanuka cult on the island, and the two established an uneasy alliance between their forces. Both agreed to share information with each other and avoid interfering with one another's plans and operations.

Somewhere around this time, Faxhuun discovered that Helryx was still alive and learned how to train himself to be mentally shielded.

All-Out War[]

Over time, Faxhuun began to return the Toa within the Order to the Toa code, though he still made exceptions, and he mandated an increased vigilance over the world to combat the Makuta and other unlawful and evil beings.

Several hundred years after the end of the Toa-Dark Hunter war, a Toa who had been though killed around that time, named Lihee, returned at the head of a group dubbed the Universal Alliance, bringing with him the Vindicators, and Faxhuun brought the two groups into the Order.

Shortly afterward, Cekadax, aided by Makuta Ikirro, sent her forces to attack Altronia Fortress in a declaration of all-out war. Faxhuun led the defense of the Fortress, slaying Cekadax's lieutenant and his former apprentice, Zracknar, during the battle.

After a narrow victory, Faxhuun gathered his forces and allies and led a counter-attack on Cekadax. His allied force successfully seized her fortress and he led a team to confront Cekadax, battling her and Ikirro's lieutenant, Recapar during the conflict. Faxhuun was injured during the battle but survived.

Faxhuun also led the Order in the follow-up Battle of Crystal Island against the forces of Makuta Rularx, where in an attempt to turn the tide of battle he fused with five other Toa to create the Toa Nui Altron. Altron did turn the tide and directly battled Rularx, but was unable to defeat the Makuta before being split back into six Toa. Afterward, Faxhuun returned to commanding his forces in the battle, eventually ordering a retreat when Rularx created a dimensional vortex to teleport his fortress.

Faxhuun was among the majority of troops who safely retreated in time, surviving to the conclusion of the battle.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Elemental Fire Control: Faxhuun has control over the element of Fire, and is able to bend it to his will. Examples include:
    • Fire Creation: Faxhuun has the power to create flames and begin the process of combustion.
    • Fire Manipulation: Faxhuun has control over the movement of flames and can cause them to burn where he wants them to, in the direction he wants them to.
    • Fire Absorption: Faxhuun can absorb Fire to either temporarily boost his power, or to release the extra power in a concentrated blast.
  • Kanohi Usage: As a Toa, Faxhuun can use masks of Noble and Great power levels.


  • Tactical Mastery: As one of the first Toa, Faxhuun is an immensely capable tactician and leader, having successfully led the Order of Altronia through numerous conflicts.
  • Combat Mastery: Faxhuun is among the most skilled fighters in the Order of Altronia and is quite possibly one of the best in the Altronia Continuity.
  • Charismatic: Faxhuun is a charismatic leader, able to inspire his followers through compelling and honest speech.
  • Capable Trainer: Faxhuun is very capable as a trainer, able to pass down knowledge and skills down to trainees effectively. Virtually every member of the Order of Altronia has benefited from his tutelage, either directly or via another trainer that studied under him.


Faxhuun wears the Mask of Fate, which counteracts the effect of aging on his physical abilities by granting him enhanced, but not unnatural, strength, agility, and reflexes.


Faxhuun carries a staff that can focus his power and be used as a weapon.

Faxhuun also carries a fireball launcher that shoots explosive fireballs at a target.

Personality and Traits[]

Faxhuun is hardened and surly from all his years of war time and difficult leadership. He is more brutal than the average Toa, and shows no mercy to Makuta, but tries to stay with classic Toa virtues against most opponents.

Faxhuun cares for those he commands and takes control of their safety, but not completely. He makes it known that his policy is that if you act like a moron and get in trouble when it was easy to avoid it, then you deserve whatever happens to you.


  • Argh made him up, but Sidd gave the name.
  • He has violated the Toa code multiple times, but he holds to the belief that in times of war, the code need not apply.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.