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Fusion Cannon
Function Utter desolation
Powers Elemental energy channeled into it, then released
Status Nonexistent for now
Location None yet
Pronunciation N/A

In Use

The Elemental Fusion Cannon is a device soon to be created and wielded by Altron.


The Fusion Cannon fuses the combined destructive abilities of several elements and turns them into a purple beam, which is then shot at the desired target. After this, the target becomes a presence known around the universe.

The device can be charged up, thus adding more power to the beam, at the expense of the user's energy. If it were to be used by an extremely powerful being or fusion, such as a Makuta Nui or something, it could blow a hole through the center of the earth.


  • For those of you who know even a smidgen about Transformers, this should be obvious, but it's sort of based off this.