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Gahnu Nui
Position Unknown
Size 600 square bio
Population Less than 50
Status Intact
Pronunciation GAH-noo NOO-ee

Gahnu Nui is an island to the south in the Altronia Continuity.


Gahnu Nui, in addition to an islet within its world dome, was brought into existence during the creation of the Matoran Universe over 100,000 years ago, and a Matoran civilization was established on the island, while Makuta Rularx was assigned to it.

At some point, the island's central volcano became active, releasing large quantities of gas that began to destroy the island's ecosystem. As this ecosystem collapse continued, rather than correct the problem, Rularx stopped monitoring the island and engaged in other pursuits. Some of its inhabitants migrated to the offshore islet.



The climate on Gahnu Nui is tropical, and the offshore islet is still lush and humid as a result.


Gahnu Nui has little landscape to speak of other than its volcano, and most of the island is flat, barren sediment. There is a single grove of trees remaining by the coast, but if the gas continues to build up, the entire island will become barren.

Native Organisms[]


Gahnu Nui is a native home of many tropical plants, such as fruit trees, vines, ferns, and similar plants. After the volcanic activity, however, only a single grove of trees remains.

The offshore islet is a microcosm of the main island's former ecosystem, remaining lush and fertile.


Gahnu Nui used to be home to many species of Rahi, but these have either died out or been driven away by the starving Matoran.

The islet does not host any significant Rahi population.


The community of Gahnu Nui has largely been wiped out due to the toxic volcanic gas buildup, and has been reduced to a small group of Matoran around the periphery of the island, making do with the extremely limited resources.

The islet off the coast hosts a small number of beings who have either landed there from another world dome, or escaped from Gahnu Nui itself.



  • The name "Gahnu Nui" was originally used for a much different island in the early stages of Sidorak12814's conception of the story. It was later repurposed as the toxic wasteland of a throwaway island that is seen in Kanahka's Chronicle, which Sid then forgot about for ten years.