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Affiliation Revolutionaries
Powers Stamina, Regeneration, Magnetic Reconstruction
Kanohi None
Status Alive
Pronunciation GARE-ee-us

Garius is a self-reconstructing mercenary in the Altronia Continuity.


Garius was created into existence at some point in time.

He entered into the service of Makuta Rularx at some point, joining Rularx's mercenary team titled The Revolutionaries, where he serves somewhere on the lower half of the chain of command as an enforcer.

Garius fought alongside the Revolutionaries in the Battle of Crystal Island, battling the Vindicators and Universal Alliance teams and specifically fighting one-on-one against Zallirix. The psycho's agility and twisted ingenuity proved too much for him though, and he ended the fight trapped between the two halves of a blast door.

When Rularx's fortress was teleported into an unknown dimension, he was presumably brought with it.

Powers and Equipment[]

Garius possesses greatly enhanced regenerative properties, allowing him to recover from a wide variety of injuries at a much faster speed than most other beings. This also gives him enhanced stamina, allowing him to fight for much longer than would seem reasonable.

In the event of decapitation or deconstruction, Garius is able to magnetically reform his body, drawing the wayward piece back to his main body and quickly regenerating to reconnect it. This includes his head.


Garius is not capable of wearing or activating a mask of any kind, his face being incompatible.


Garius wields a sword with a spiked hand guard, as well as an elemental blaster. The blaster is capable being charged with multiple different elements, but is most commonly charged to fire magma and frost spheres.

Personality and Traits[]

Garius is aggressive, brutish, and in possession of a sinister personality that mostly enjoys hitting and breaking things and especially people.

Garius holds on odd outlook on life, death, and pain, most likely due to his regenerative abilities reducing the effects of pain and reasonable likelihood of death for him. He's possibly psychopathic.


  • Garius will be beat up a lot in the story.
  • His shins were removed to contribute to Bartha's construction.
    • He got better, though.
  • Varon could beat 'em. Repeatedly.