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Gone Tomorrow
Setting Voya Nui
Date 1,001 AGC

Gone Tomorrow is a serialized audiobook and YouTube series detailing Rewta's origin.


It was originally posted as a side story on the "Bionicle Fanfics" topic, "Gone Tomorrow" being the second chapter's name. Sidd cancelled the series and planned to make it into a podcast. A year later, he found Custom Bionicle, and then decided to pursue this goal in earnest.

He wrote part 1 during free time at a Debate tournament, and parts 2-4 as well as part of part 5 at a Winter Advance held by his church. Sidd later wrote parts 6-12 at home, then part of Part 13 at his last Debate tournament. Sidd then got lazy and put off his writing from May until mid-August of 2011, when he began typing down his original content and putting it on a word program document.

Sidd finally finished the script on July 28, 2012.


Chapter 1