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Affiliation Avenging Alliance
Powers None
Kanohi Unknown
Status Unknown
Pronunciation HOH-kah

Hoka is a Matoran of Water.


Hoka's distant past is unknown. She somehow ended up living on an island with Matu and Vohk. She was found by Kanahka and Rohko, then taken to Crystal Island. There they were attacked by Thranatuka. She helped her comrades fight him off, and escaped with them as they brought the cave down. Hoka then aided in setting up camp.

She was alongside his comrades when they were surprised by Jardel, and was tied up and left behind a bush. She was freed shortly by Vohk and joined her team in fighting off Jardel and the recently arrived Thranatuka. They succeeded, and announced that they would now be the Avenging Alliance. Makuta Rayzok showed up to rescue his allies, however, and proceeded to blow the team into oblivion with his myriad powers.

When Crystallox and Infernix were brought back to the team camp by Kanahka and Rohko, the robots repaired themselves and fought Matu and Hoka, a battle which the Matoran won. Hoka then participated in the move to a new camp site.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Water Affinity: Hoka has the affinity for water all Matoran, Toa, and Turaga of Water have, being able to stay underwater longer without needed to breathe than other Matoran and having a liking for swimming.
  • Location-Swap Rhotuka: Hoka's Rhotuka swap Hoka's position with that of the target via teleportation. She currently does not possess the necessary equipment to use them.


  • Marksmanship: Hoka is a good shot.
  • Swimming: Hoka, as are most Ga-Matoran, is a skilled swimmer and diver.


  • Kanohi: Hoka wears a mask of unknown type.
  • Energy Disk Launcher: Hoka carries a disk launcher with the ability to fire disks made of solid energy.

Personality and Traits[]

Hoka is brave and steadfast, but verbally reserved. She tries to not speak too much, for she prefers to listen.



  • During the re-conception of Kanahka's Chronicle, Sidd thought of ditching the character of Hoka. He decided against it, since he realized he could accomplish much with the character.