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Hokanuka Complex
Position Under Altronia's surface
Size Spans nearly entire island
Population Approximately 1,600
Status Intact
Pronunciation HOCK-ah-New-kah

The Hokanuka Complex is a massive underground network of tunnels used by the majority of the Hokanuka species as a home and base of operations.


Zalkatrex began work on what would become the Hokanuka Complex when he made his home in an small underground cave upon fleeing Destral Fortress. After bringing Iceriax back to join him, he and his brother carved out a larger cave structure to house the future generations of their race. Within a few years, the complex was fully inhabited with Hokanuka and growing quickly.

About 80,000 years later, the structure had grown to span almost the entirety of the island of Altronia.

The complex was invaded by Chilas at one point, but Yaltrax drove them out. It was later slightly damaged by the escape of Otriedah, but it was soon repaired, once the inhabitants returned from battling at Cekadax's Fortress.


The complex is hard to miss if one were to simply dig down far enough in the right place on Altronia, but it does have secret exits that are placed strategically across the island, usually toward the corners of the landmass.