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Affiliation Brotherhood of Makuta
Powers Shadow, 42 Multipowers
Kanohi Dromerix
Status Alive
Pronunciation HORE-ehz

"Yap all ya want, Vendora. I want some proof of your claims [of Horez's power]."
"Proof you will get, ruffian.
Rayzok and Horez

Horez is a rogue, biomechanical Makuta in the Altronia Continuity.


Horez was created by Mata Nui along with the rest of the Makuta race from antidermis over 100,000 years ago. He quickly earned a reputation as one of the strongest warriors among his brethren.

At one point, he somehow found his way to an Unknown Dimension. There he joined the Vendora society, becoming their strongest gladiator. Horez was trying to keep his identity as a Makuta a secret, yet did not want anyone to think a Makuta could be bested by one who was not. So, instead of defeat Rayzok with ease, which he could have done, he let the less-powerful Makuta defeat him. Horez then left the society with an unknown destination in mind.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Shadow: Horez is capable of wielding Shadow power in multiple fashions.
    • Shadow Projection: Horez can create Shadow and fire shadow energy from his hands.
    • Shadow Absorption: Horez can absorb Shadow to boost his power or simply release again at an opponent.
    • Shadow Hand Projection: Horez can create a shadow hand to do his bidding. He decides beforehand what the hand should do and aims it; the hand does the rest.
  • Multipowers: Horez has access to all 42 of the known Rahkshi powers, with Shadow being the strongest. Some are more prominent than others in different Makuta, and those that are especially strong in Horez are listed below.
    • Chain Lightning: Horez can project lightning bolts from his hands that can jump to multiple targets, or simply into a single target several times.
    • Heat Vision: Horez has the ability to project concentrated waves of thermal energy from his eyes, which have the ability to melt even metallic protodermis.
    • Elemental Plasma Control: Horez has control over the Secondary Element of Plasma, and is able to bend it to his will in various ways.
      • Plasma Generation: Horez has the ability to superheat and ionize matter around him, which he can either simply leave heated or manipulate in some way.
      • Plasma Manipulation: Horez can direct the flow of plasma around him, contain it to a certain area, or cause it to explode outward over a large area.
      • Plasma Absorption: Horez has the ability to absorb the plasma around himself and, once he has, either convert it to energy or release it in a powerful surge of ionic power.
    • Limited Invulnerability: Horez has a strong resistance to damage of various types, with his primary vulnerability being to Light.
  • Kanohi Usage: Horez, like all Makuta, can use Kanohi masks of Noble or Great power levels.


  • Biomechanical Physiology: Somehow, being in an Unknown Dimension allowed Horez to escape the species-wide evolution his brethren underwent, thus preserving him as a biomechanical being.


Horez carries a Shadow Glaive.



  • Horez, despite being one of ArghYeMatey's characters, had his first appearance in Sidd's story Epiphany.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.