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Affiliation Hokanuka Cult
Powers Counter-Absorption
Kanohi Unknown
Status Unknown
Pronunciation Eye-SEE-ree-acks

Iceriax is the second Hokanuka to exist and former head of the Hokanuka Council.


Iceriax was created by Makuta Verahk two years after Zalkatrex was created. However, Iceriax did not morph into a more powerful form as Verahk expected, and Zalkatrex, who had been carefully spying on the Makuta, found out about Iceriax and rescued him.

Afterward, Iceriax morphed into a more powerful form, with blue and white armor, since he found Zalkatrex's armor color too dark. He was trained by Zalkatrex and became a very effective warrior, but he refused to be taught anything about assassination or spying, quickly finding both distasteful and wrong. Iceriax proved to be a natural learner and quickly became an equal to Zalkatrex.

He is the being from which forty percent of living Hokanuka are descended, including Slaryka. This high percentage is because his "children" tend to be more moral and/or obedient as a whole than Zalkatrex's, since the latter's negative traits are easily amplified, and once they make a Hokanuka be evil or get ambitious, Zalkatrex often has to kill them.

As the Hokanuka began to thrive, the Cult's power increased and thus, Zalkatrex's, and Iceriax soon found himself trying to reign in his friend's worst aspects and preserve a sense of morality among the Hokanuka. It was a difficult task since most of the species looked to Zalkatrex as the leader over Iceriax, and eventually Iceriax attempted to force a change by creating the Hokanuka Council. Many Hokanuka ended up agreeing to the concept and voted both him and Zalkatrex onto the council, legitimizing it, but they gave Iceriax the head position within the council.

This strained the friendship between Zalkatrex and Iceriax in a way that would never repair, but it allowed Iceriax to reign in the worst tendencies of the whole species, ultimately doing much good.

In his last mission, Iceriax assisted Lukanov in defending a powerful staff which surfaced on the Kerris Archipelago against the Dark Hunters and anyone else who wanted it. When a Dark Hunter managed to steal the staff and attempted to use it to teleport home, Iceriax tackled him and both disappeared. In spite of a widespread search by the Hokanuka, Iceriax has remained missing.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Counter-Absorption: Iceriax can absorb energy directed against him, either through his hands or weapons, and expel the power as its negative, as all Hokanuka can.
  • Strength: Iceriax is exceptionally strong, being stronger than a Skakdi physically.
  • Agility: In spite of his large frame, Iceriax is swift on his feet, capable of running faster than a Toa, and is also able to leap great distances with great skill.
  • Coordination: Iceriax is possessed of great coordination and muscle control. He is able to dexterously wield his spear and daggers with little difficulty.
  • Muscle Memory: Iceriax retains his fighting skill very well.
  • Sharp Senses: Iceriax is possessed of good senses, as are all Hokanuka.
    • Sight: He can see in the dark better than most beings, but his retinas are glare-shielded, thus bright lights do not bother him. Iceriax also has extremely sharp vision in general.
    • Hearing: Iceriax, like all his brethren, can hear sounds far too soft for most species to pick up on, their hearing being comparable to some breeds of Rahi. However, this is not a weakness, since his eardrums are reinforced with shock-resistant cells to absorb the damaging power of large noises.
    • Touch: Iceriax and other Hokanuka have sensitive fingertips and feet, and can pick up on sensations too subtle for most to detect.
  • Stamina: Iceriax can keep preforming for quite some time before fatigue sets in.


  • Stealth: Iceriax is relatively sneaky. Due to his size and lighter colors, he has a more difficult time of it than most other Hokanuka.
  • Leadership: Iceriax has great charismatic and oratory skills, as evidenced by his creation and heading of the Hokanuka Council, and is well able to both lead and inspire.
  • Experience: Iceriax is well-versed due to many fights over the ages.
  • Analytical: Iceriax is highly analytical, able to analyze and counter an opponents tactics on the fly and learn and adapt to virtually any situation.
  • Fighting Prowess: Iceriax is a highly skilled combatant, considered one of the finest among the Hokanuka before his disappearance.


Iceriax has a spear and throwing daggers. He can extend his absorption powers through his spear. Iceriax's spear is somewhat thick, making it a somewhat effective club. The end of it could be used as a blade.

Personality and Traits[]

Iceriax is more of hero than most Hokanuka, and did not choose a dark color so as not to appear evil. He was willing to sacrifice himself to try to do the will of the Order, and was reluctant to kill or do anything immoral unless whoever he was fighting would kill in a split second if he had a chancel, which often put him at odds with the likes of Trallix and Zalkatrex.

He believes the destruction of the Makuta is necessary, but not purely because the Makuta are heinously evil and he hates them (like Zalkatrex does), but because they threaten good and order in the world if they are not stopped.

Iceriax is patient and believes in acting when it is necessary and never simply when and how he feels like acting. He is an excellent mentor, and was considered the best teacher to new Hokanuka when it came to any and every skill they might utilize while fighting for the cause, the sole exceptions being spying and assassination.

He inspired loyalty through friendship and brotherhood rather than fanatical loyalty to the cause, a trait which also allowed him to interact more closely with the Order of Altronia than Zalkatrex was ever willing or able to.



  • He is one of the most moral Hokanuka, drawing the line at killing opponents outside of war situations. He apparently disagreed with Zalkatrex, who decides that every moment is war as long as the Brotherhood exists.
  • In many ways, he was created to be a near-opposite to Zalkatrex and something of a character foil, but his creation has since diversified the nature and personality to be less focused around the idea of "honed killing machines."
  • His first appearance was in a multi-member story on the Lego Message Boards, alongside Lukanov.
  • Sidd sometimes sees a Ninja Turtle in his design, but he is unsure why.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.