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Group Hokanuka Cult
Tribe Hokanuka
Occupation Hokanuka Operative
Powers Counter-Absorption
Kanohi Unknown
Tools Spear, Throwing Daggers
Status Unknown
Location Kerris Archipelago (Formerly) Currently Unknown
Pronunciation Eye-SEE-ree-acks

Iceriax is the second Hokanuka to exist.


Iceriax was created by Makuta Verahk two years after Zalkatrex was created. However, Iceriax did not morph into a more powerful form as Verahk expected, and finally Zalkatrex found out about Iceriax and rescued him.

Afterward, Iceriax morphed into a more powerful form, with blue and white armor, since he found Zalkatrex's armor color too dark. He was trained by Zalkatrex and became a very effective warrior, but he refused to be taught anything about assassination or spying. He is the being from which forty percent of living Hokanuka are descended, including Slaryka. This high percentage is because his "children" tend to be more moral and/or obedient as a whole than Zalkatrex's, since the latter's negative traits are easily amplified, and once they make a Hokanuka be evil or get ambitious, Zalkatrex has to kill them.

When the Hokanuka started to thrive, he did several missions for Zalkatrex. In his last mission, he was assigned to help protect a powerful staff from the Dark Hunters and anyone else who wanted it. When a Dark Hunter managed to steal the staff and attempted to use it to teleport home, Iceriax tackled him, and it is unknown where he went.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Iceriax has the power of Counter-Absorption, able to absorb power launched at him and counter with the opposite type of power. He also has the second power Hokanuka always have, an immunity to telepathy.

Tools Edit

Iceriax has a spear and throwing daggers. He could use the spear to aid in using the above power, using it to absorb powers.

Iceriax's spear is somewhat thick, making it a somewhat effective club. It also could be used as a blade, awesomely.

Personality and Traits Edit

Iceriax is more of hero than most Hokanuka, and did not choose a dark color so as not to appear evil. He was willing to sacrifice to try to do the will of the Order, and was reluctant to kill or do anything immoral unless whoever he was fighting would kill in a split second if he had a chance.

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Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the most moral Hokanuka, drawing the line at killing opponents outside of war situations. He apparently disagreed with Zalkatrex, who decides that every moment is war as long as the Brotherhood exists.
  • He will reappear in the story later, much later.
  • Sidd sometimes sees a Ninja Turtle in his design, but he is unsure why.