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Island of Power
Setting Crystal Island
Date 1,000-1,001 AGC
Previous Kanahka's Chronicle
Next Land of War

Island of Power is a novel written by Sidd and helped out on by Argh. It is also the first of the main segments of Sidd's part of the Altronia Continuity story.


The story originated on the Lego Messageboards, on Author's Hangout 4, page 24. Sidd was joining Argh in serializing their co-created Bionicle fanon, using characters they had created together. The first part of Island of Power was written as a separate story, quickly followed by Clearly Carange, as if they were each a separate episode of the story. It was later decided to group the stories together into a novel-sized fiction, which is now called Island of Power

Island of Power portrays several battles on Crystal Island, from the one that Lihee and his team joined in to the one where Burtok is sucked into dimensional limbo. At the end, the Avenging Alliance is leaving Crystal Island for Altronia with the Hokanuka.




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  • This novel was written back when Sidd and Argh were much younger and much worse writers, so a lot of revision has been necessary.
  • Also, because of the revision, much has been added, and thus the novel is getting much longer that it was before.