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Affiliation Burtok's lieutenants
Powers Insect influence, Energy bolts
Kanohi None
Status Deceased
Pronunciation JAY-koe-racks

"I hoped we'd meet again, Thravak. After all, I kept trying to tell you your plan wouldn't work and mine would, and look how we turned out. I have a position with a Plan that will work, and yours is refusing mine."
―Jaykorax on his new direction for life [src]

Jaykorax is a mutated Skakdi and enemy of Thravak in the Altronia Continuity.


Jaykorax came into existence on Zakaz, as do all Skakdi.

When Zakaz's social system disintegrated, he joined Thravak's military force and was a trusted lieutenant of his. When Makuta Chirox invaded the island and tried to capture Thravak and his force, however, Jaykorax betrayed his commander and companions to the Makuta. His life was spared, but he was still experimented upon by the Makuta, which turned him into an insectoid creature.

Jaykorax had served Burtok for some time, and the Makuta had given his loyal minion a talisman to tame and lead Scorpio-Spiders like an army, adding its power to Jaykorax's ability to mentally influence insectoid creatures to make them unerringly obedient to Jaykorax, and, by extension, Burtok. Jaykorax met Zracknar at some point, but there was no friendship between the two.

After Burtok's assumption of Rayzok's identity, Burtok summoned his minion to Crystal Island to aid him in his conquest of the Avenging Alliance. Jaykorax and his Scorpio-Spider forces smashed down a wall to join a battle between the Makuta, his forces, and the Avenging and Universal Alliances. The addition of the spiders did not enact a victory, however, and Jaykorax and his forces were still defeated temporarily, which allowed the Alliances to escape.

Jaykorax's last fulfilled mission was to capture the Avenging Alliance for Burtok to have his way with. Soon after, after the Alliance had escaped their prison, he and Thranatuka were summoned by the Makuta, and promptly absorbed into his essence.

Powers and Equipment[]



  • Plant Control: Jaykorax had limited control over the Green, which only worked in conjunction with the power of another Skakdi.


  • Energy Projection: Jaykorax could fire energy from the insides of his claw blades.
  • Insect Control: Jaykorax had an ability to mentally influence insectoid beings. He could plant suggestions, read their current thoughts, and give them behavior-inducing headaches.
  • Surface Adhesion: Jaykorax had the ability to cling to walls and ceilings and traverse them much like an insect.


  • Command: Jaykorax was competent at guiding his troops.
  • Treachery: Jaykorax could betray and would betray with ease.


Jaykorax had energy-firing bladed pincers.

Personality and Traits[]

Jaykorax tended to be cold and calculating, but not extremely cunning. He was clever, and could devise efficient strategy, though.

He ran his Scorpio-Spider army like a well-oiled machine, and was considered a perfectionist.



  • His name contains "Jayko," the name of a Knight's Kingdom character. Sidd realized this shortly after naming Jaykorax, but made no effort to retcon his character's name into something different.