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Affiliation Avenging Alliance
Powers Dematerialization Spinners, Agility, Hordika Strength
Kanohi None, Kualsi (Formerly)
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Kah-NA-kah

Kanahka is a Hordika Nurtox and previous leader of the Avenging Alliance in the Altronia Continuity.


Kanahka, his brother, Rohko, and their relative Ferrak, and presumably the rest of the tribe were mutated by Visorak into Hordika. Their natural resistance to venom prevented them from receiving the full mental effects, so they retained their intelligence and order. This allowed them to fight off the spiders even better than they had been, thanks to their new powers.

Kanahka and Rohko, tried to make a home in Metru Nui, but were found out by the Matoran and driven off. They sought refuge on a small island, and were greeted by Vohk, Matu, and Hoka. They banded together, and, at Rohko's decision, moved to Crystal Island, where they were "greeted" by Thranatuka. They brought the cave down, forcing Thranatuka to flee and giving them a chance to escape.

Kanahka served tha Alliance for some time afterward, and was killed by Zallirix. In his dying moments, he gave Levuku, his apprentice, his old Kualsi, telling him to use it well.

Powers and Equipment[]

  • Rhotuka Generation: Kanahka had the ability to generate spinners at will with a back-mounted launcher granted by his mutation.
    • Dematerialization:Kanahka's spinner power was Dematerialization, which allowed him to phase a target out of visibility, tangibility, and, if he so willed, audibility as well. The effect was temporary, and lasted as long as Kanahka willed, within certain unknown limits, but he could make the invisibility and intangibility effects permanent if he charged his spinners with his tools.
    • Own Power Immunity: Kanahka was immune to the effects of his own spinners.
  • Agility: Kanahka was swift and nimble, his phyiscal prowess in this regard granted by his Hordika nature.
  • Strength: While not as strong as his brother, Kanahka's physical strength was enhanced beyond that of most Nurtox by his mutation.


Kanahka carried a pair of blades that could be used in combat, as wings to be clipped to his back, or to charge is spinners.

Personality and Traits[]

Kanahka had a well-ordered mind, and was able to resolve conflict and lead well. He also had a near-uncanny ability to judge character, allowing him to relate to other people better than most.

Kanahka had a dry sense of humor, and enjoyed a good laugh once in a while, but he also knew when to be serious. He also was not above mocking his enemies to make them lose their full focus.



  • Kanahka's original MOC figure was a Vahki Vorzahk with Hordika Matau's head. Sidd obviously has made him better than that since then.