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This has been a most eventful week. Rohko and I, being brothers, were on a routine relaxation trip. Since no one will accept us Hordika ones anywhere, we make a living sailing and taking whatever people don't need that we do, like, say, machine parts, provisions, weapons of low quality, stuff like that.

We decided to try Metru Nui for scraps. Surely they had something we could have our way with. No one was doing any routine work, from what we had heard of Metru Nui. They seemed to be rebuilding everything.

When we got to the bay, we could see that the city was in ruins. The Matoran were obviously trying to rebuild everything, but since when was Metru Nui in ruins? The Ga-Matoran, brave as they are, drove us out of the bay, calling us nasties. Who could blame them?

I sometimes hate the way I look, too. True, I am lean and strong, with green armor and a spinner launcher, but I'm just plain ugly, too. Rohko fares better. He's red, with a bigger frame and stronger build.

Despite our differences, we get along well, and we always travel together. We ended up on an island we knew as Gahnu Nui. There was a Matoran tribe there, clawing for existence. The island had been decimated due to buildup of volcanic gases, and there was not much left. What was left was not very habitable. The Matoran were forced to share a single grove of trees, and that was not always easy to preserve. Us? We ate anything we could find.

There was another island nearby that had good foliage, but Rohko didn't want to share with the Matoran. Due to his angry nature, I complied.

As we settled on the islet, we realized we were not alone. There were quite a few other outcasts and renegades on this island, too. It was a haven for such sorts. There was the short, but very fast Vohk and the Matoran Matu and Hoka, Matu was a Ta-Matoran, and Hoka was a Matoran of Water, and they were best friends forever.

Right now, everything is generally peaceful, except that Vohk is in my ear going, "Whatcha writin'? Can I see? Does it have pictures?" and will find out the hard way how he is wrong if he doesn't shut up right now.