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This week has been very tense. Vohk has been a little stuck-up, Matu and Hoka have not been very social with the others, Rohko has been ornery and rude, and I have been too passive instead of being the peacemaker the way I usually am. I need to make an effort to get involved.

At least sharing provisions has not been a problem. We all agree to the fact that cooperation always accomplishes more work than solitary labor, but that doesn't mean that all of us have enjoyed it. Rohko, especially, has issues with sharing food.

Despite having been transformed into half-beasts by the Visorak that ransacked our home island, our race, the Nurtox, is immune to the psychological effects of Hordika Venom. I saw this to point out that Rohko is brutal in nature, not due to animalistic instinct.

Recently we have been trying to put aside our differences for the greater good. Somehow I feel that this cooperation will come in handy later.

Vohk, who is fast enough to cross water, has seen an island that gleams off in the distance. We built a crude telescope, and sure enough, there it was, shining brightly.

Rohko, with widgets in his eyes, has ordered everyone to start making boats to cross the ocean. Despite his brutality and gruffness, he makes an excellent leader, if a little greedy.

We arrived at the island, despite our oddly terrifying trip. We were constantly being plagued by some tiny pirates with staffs. They seemed rather weak, but then one hurled Hoka aside, causing her to slam into the rail of our boat. They were short, clad in bright armor in shades of blue, green, and red, and knew what they were doing in combat.

I would have offered a peace agreement, but Rohko simply shot a spinner at the deck, and the shock wave knocked the trio off. Pretty wasteful, as I told him, but he thought we had enough "meddlesome wimps" already.