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This week has been most eventful. The little pirate wannabes actually introduced themselves and offered alliance. They "saw potential."

They are: Red; Zalko, Green; Lahka, Blue; Vahkon. They have the potential for forming a Katia, they say. I would definitely like to see that!

This is a very, very beautiful place. Green leaves, sapphire waters, golden sand, pearly crystal, snow-capped peaks. It is almost as if the Great Beings decided to paint a picture, then make it into an island. If so, they are the greatest artists in the universe.

Zalko seems feisty, but he is a valiant warrior. He possesses a pincer staff that can grab objects with a vise-like grip, as well as hit people without breaking.

Lahka speaks in tree-speak, don't ask me why. He wields a spade that can change his momentum in mid-air. It is quite an aid in acrobatics.

Vahkon is amphibious and creative. Her weapon is a repulsion staff that can repel any object its user wishes. Vahkon sometimes uses it to bounce on to cross space quickly. It is amusing and impressive at the same time.

They have shown able to form a Katia after all. It calls itself Zakalonn, and it has all of the powers of the trio. Once it forms, it is quite a sight to behold.

The time that they formed the Katia was when they were about to be run over by a Kikanalo stampede. Rather than fight individually and get flattened, the trio merged into a Toa-sized, bipedal warrior wielding a massive, complex sword that looked remarkably like a fusion of their weapons.

Zakalonn never had to use its weapon, though, because it simply hoisted the lead Kikinalo over its head and the beasts all did a collective 90-degree turn.

"At least no one died," is what I said then.

After conversation with Zakalonn, it revealed that "it" preferred to be called "he" and that he was stronger than Rohko. How did we know his strength? Rohko had insulted the Katia, and the short, swift battle that followed convinced Rohko to never do that again.

Is this how we work together? Is this unity? I wonder, and I worry, because I have seen proof that there is another power here, powerful and evil. The unknown power is always evil, is it not? That's how it always works. I think.