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Group Order of the Hokanuka
Tribe Hokanuka
Occupation Hokanuka Council Member
Element None
Powers Counter-Absorption
Kanohi None
Tools Twin hand axes
Status Deceased
Location Under Altronia
Pronunciation KEY-ruh-block

Kirablok was a Hokanuka Council Member from the Altronia Continuity.


Kirablok was born as the 46th Hokanuka, he morphed, got trained, went on missions, that sort of thing.

At some point about six years before his death, Kirablok started to become discontent with the Order, feeling that it was too focused on making the Makuta's lives miserable, not on the benefit of the Hokanuka. Other Hokanuka felt the same way, but unlike him, he found, they didn't have selfish reasons for it, which slightly appalled him.

When Virolax began to stand up against Zalkatrex and disagree with many of the things he said, Kirablok sided wtih Virolax, and decided to focus on being as big a pain as possible, since Zalkatrex was, in his opinion, a big pain himself.

Then it happened. Kirablok was assigned to go to Stelt with a few other Hokanuka, and do what they could to clear the island of Makuta supporters. Kirablok saw that plenty of people on Stelt were greedy, rude, and a really annoying, and they were "better" at being those three then he was. However, before he could contemplate this very much, he was brought back to Altronia.

After a good amount of time and thinking, Kirablok decided he would first: challenge Zalkatrex's leadership, then if that failed, Since he had another mission to Stelt coming up, go to Stelt and sell out information about the Hokanuka to the highest bidder.

However, he made two mistakes. The first was having a journal and actually writing about his plans in it, obviously forgetting that most Hokanuka with claws can break through a protosteel shield with little difficulty. The second was making his plans somewhat obvious by the way he acted, which made Zalkatrex highly suspicious. Zalkatrex sent Catrolev to look for any evidence that could be used to kill Kirablok, and he found all he needed in the journal.

After Kirablok was killed by Catrolev and other Hokanuka started hearing about it, it was decided that Kirablok didn't deserve any type of formal burial and was instead, after much debate about whether or not to feed his body to some Chilas, thrown into the ocean.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Kirablok had the Hokanuka ability of Counter-Absorption.

He was apparently also a good decision-maker, as he was on the council, but was also somewhat incompetent, as he rebelled against Zalkatrex.

Tools Edit

He carried two hand axes, which he used in combat.

Personality and Traits Edit

Kirablok was ambitious, selfish, and egotistical, and was proud of all of those traits. Unfortunately he was too incompetent to keep his plans a secret, and not adept enough at combat to defend his plans. He was intelligent enough to be on the council, and good enough at making profitable decisions, but he too often used these traits to better only himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Sidd gets him mixed up with Virolax ALL THE TIME.