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Affiliation Universal Alliance, Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Fire
Kanohi Zeltiek
Status Alive
Pronunciation LEE-hee

Lihee is a Toa of Fire from the Altronia Continuity and leader of the Universal Alliance.


Lihee was created/transformed from something by energized protodermis, several thousand years before the Toa/Dark Hunter war. A few years later he was found by an agent of the Order of Altronia and recruited. After arriving at Altronia, Lihee went through extensive training for a couple thousand years before creating a Toa team, the currently known members of which consisted of Velas and Illythia.

Metru Nui[]

Once the Toa/Dark Hunter war started, Lihee's Toa team, along with several others were sent to Metru Nui and fought until the war was over. After the war the majority of Lihee's team was assigned to stay in Metru Nui to help keep the peace. When the Toa there were ordered to close the sea gates, All of Lihee's team except Velas and himself disappeared, and when Velas was sent to close one of the gates, Lihee followed him secretly. Velas ran across Eliminator, and in the ensuing battle Velas was killed before Lihee could intervene. Lihee attacked Eliminator, but was defeated when he was pushed off of a cliff.

Before Lihee awakened from his battle, Makuta Rularx discovered the unconscious Toa and, needing test subjects for experiments in memory alteration, briefly held Lihee in captivity. Rularx succeeded in erasing the Toa's memory of his early life, including his time in the Order of Altronia and all memory of his Toa team, and then returned him to the outskirts of Metru-Nui with no memory of the captivity. After the Toa Metru left and the Visorak entered Metru Nui, Lihee managed to evade capture until the Toa Metru returned, beat the visorak, and left again, after which he set upon himself the job of cleaning up and protecting Metru Nui, teaming up with the Rahaga and Turaga Dume.

Leaving Metru Nui[]

A few years before the Return of the Matoran to Metru Nui, Lihee ran across a Dark Hunter, who he obviously fought and unfortunately lost. Before Lihee could be killed though, an agent of the Order of Mata Nui arrived and saved him, delivering a message from his lost teammate Illythia and providing a boat and resources for him to take.

A new beginning[]

Lihee traveled throughout the universe to search out his past and at one point reached Stelt. On Stelt he met Choro, a Yelnir looking for mercenary recruits for a mission in the Yelnir Civil War, and encountered Thravak and Zartok. Zartok successfully convinced the rest to assist Choro in his mission, and they set off from Stelt together.

On their way to Yalnam their ship was caught in a storm and beached on Crystal Island. While searching for supplies, Lihee met Voran and several members of the Avenging Alliance, sparking a friendship between the two. When Makuta Burtok (disguised at the time as Rayzok) attacked Choro's group, they fled off the island and continued to Yalnam, though not before Zartok was struck by a mutagen of Burtok's creation.

Lihee participated in Choro's mission, a covert strike at the leaders of the opposing Yelnir force, hoping that doing so would end the war and stop the violence. Burtok, curious about the group that had visited his island, followed the team and discovered the goal of their mission. He intervened by eliminating the military leadership they were supposed to capture and then waited in ambush, attacking the team when they arrived at the council room. Lihee and the rest of the team were unable to damage Burtok and he succeeded in striking Zartok with a second dose of mutagen, nearly driving Zartok mad and convincing him to follow when Burtok chose to retreat. The team was still able to use the event to successfully end the war, however.

Lihee convinced Choro and Thravak to pursue the Makuta and save Zartok and they agreed, creating the Universal Alliance and voting Lihee in as the leader of the three. Along the way back to Crystal Island they encountered a Matoran named Rupiku, who gladly joined their cause.

Operation Rayzok[]

The newly formed team arrived on Crystal Island and quickly found a few members of the Avenging Alliance, who informed them of an ongoing fight against Burtok (still disguised) and his minions. The group reinforced their allies, and together the two Alliance groups destroyed Burtok's Rahkshi and Vahki Ultima and defeated his minions, Thranatuka, Jaykorax, and the recently turned Zartok. When Burtok attempted to wipe out all of his enemies in a single strike, Levuku teleported everyone out of harm's way.

Lihee and Voran agreed that their teams would work together to take down "Rayzok," and the two groups went into hiding on the island, attempting to evade Burtok's superior forces, which primarily consisted of large numbers of Scorpio-Spider's. Over the course of weeks the team had multiple skirmishes with Burtok's forces, and Lihee clashed with Zartok more than once, attempting to turn Zartok back to good each time while Zartok showed increasing insanity.

During a battle within Burtok's fortress Zartok was injured, the damage he suffered returning his mind to clarity, and he rejoined Lihee's team. Not long after, the Toa Tronux on the island were transformed back into their original Toa forms, triggering some of Lihee's memories of his past, especially of his and the Tronux's time as members of the Order of Altronia and of some of his lost Toa team. Also Around this time the teams also discovered the Hokanuka presence on the island and were informed by Zalkatrex of their plan to end Burtok, who had just recently been discovered to be Burtok disguised as Rayzok.

Not long after all of that, the two united alliances began an attack on Burtok's fortress to engage in a final showdown, with the Hokanuka strike force joining the attack. Lihee's team started their part of the attack by engaging Burtok's Scorpio-Spiders, where eventually Lihee was able to use a combination of elemental fire, boosted by his mask, and energy absorbed with his shield from the Scorpio-Spiders to obliterate the main nest and devastate their numbers.

Inside the fortress, Lihee fought alongside Voran to destroy some of Burtok's Mega-Rahkshi and Pneuma-Toa, and briefly clashed with the Hokanuka Trallix, who nearly broke Lihee's arm. Trallix quickly wandered off to cause more destruction to Burtok's forces though, allowing Lihee to rejoin his team.

In short order Burtok engaged the two teams in combat, using his Time Dilation Accelerator device to befuddle the team in a final showdown meant to wipe out his enemies for good. However, during one of his portal-hops Voran successfully fried the machine mid-transition, sealing Burtok between dimensions.

After Burtok's defeat, Zalkatrex offered to take the two teams to Altronia, the same place the Hokanuka were returning to. Lihee recalled some memories he had of Altronia and agreed, convincing the Avenging Alliance to join in as well. Shortly before their planned departure, Recvak, Cardvor and Lumcavar fell through a portal onto Crystal Island and were spotted by Zartok. The group assisted the three Toa in recovering from injuries they had sustained during a mission, and then discovered that Recvak knew Lihee from when he had been a member of the Order of Altronia, and formally invited the entire group (bar the Hokanuka) to join the Order when they reached Altronia.

Land of War[]

The group arrived at Altronia and, after an encounter with Zallirix, had a scuffle with Makuta Ikirro's hound, during which Buraka was mortally wounded. They made the remaining way to the Altronia Fortress safely and were quickly ushered in to meet Faxhuun, the head of the Order of Altronia. The two remembered each other, and Faxhuun welcomed both teams to the Order.

The time spent among the Order was initially calm, with much testing, training, and the likes being used to bring Lihee's team back up to speed and comfortably integrate them into the Order. When Burtok was discovered and captured by the Order, Lihee was uneasy about the idea, but followed Faxhuun's lead on the issue.

At some point, Lihee ran into (quite literally) Rewta, and the two quickly became friends. Not long after this Voran, under the control of Burtok, attacked them, forcing Rewta to ultimately end Voran's life. Lihee grieved the loss of his friend deeply, but before retribution could even be considered against the Makuta, Burtok escaped.

When Makuta Cekadax's forces attacked, starting the battle for the Altronia Fortress, Lihee's team, alongside the Vindicators, were at the forefront of the defense, holding the lines as best they could, although they were ultimately driven back and the Order's army was pushed towards a potential defeat.

The arrival of a Yelnir military force, summoned there by Choro, turned the tide of the battle, allowing Lihee and all his team to survive relatively unharmed. In the aftermath of the battle the team befriended Quake, opening up the option for the Toa of Earth and his friend Torluv to join if they wanted to.

After a brief respite, the Order, joined by the Yelnir fleet, Hokanuka Cult, and native Altronians, initiated a counter-attack against Cekadax's fortress, an event Lihee ultimately dreaded but accepted. After the enemy gate was breached and the fortress was invaded, the Universal Alliance and Vindicators were confronted and attacked by Ikirro, who fought both teams to a standstill and, after suffering some injuries, departed in frustration. Not long after this Cekadax was killed by Trallix and the enemy, overwhelmed, was quickly defeated, ending the battle in victory.

Once Cekadax's forces were defeated, the allied army (excluding the Altronians), discovered that Ikirro had departed for Crystal Island with his few remaining forces and met with Crystal Island, who had set up a new fortress on the island in the absence of the Vindicators. Having two major victories behind them, the alliance leaders decided to attack Rularx's fortress.

Lihee's team participated fully in the battle, fighting alongside the Vindicators as well as Quake and Torluv. Rularx's army of bloodfiends proved particularly difficult for the allies to overcome, as their numbers overwhelmed the majority of the Yelnir's combat drone force early in the battle, leaving the sentient forces of good well outnumbered, and came in endless waves.

The formation of Altron by several allied Toa turned the tide of the fight, as Altron was able to destroy the machines creating the Bloodfiends. Shortly after Altron was unformed, Lihee's team and the Vindicators attacked Rularx head on, dealing several blows against him before he unleashed a powerful blast and teleported both teams into his fortress.

Inside the fortress, Rularx's mercenary team the Revolutionaries faced off against the two teams. The Universal Alliance fought against Vissus and Tehdak, who proved to be an extremely dangerous duo for the team to face, and only barely did the team manage to defeat the two mercenaries, though Rupiku was wounded in the fight.

The celebration of their success was short-lived, as moments later Rularx trapped them inside his fortress and revealed his plans for conquering the world, revealing along the way to Quake and Lihee that he'd been the one to manipulate and erase the memories of both Toa. Having taunted the heroes, Rularx then left, and the two teams, after some difficulty, escaped and began roaming the fortress.

When Rularx's teleportation device began activating, the teams briefly discussed what to do, with both Suntrah and Lihee offering to sacrifice their own lives to destroy the device. Before either could do so, the emergency barricades in the fortress activated, sealing them in one room. Shortly after, Levuku revealed that Zallirix had sneaked off while they debated and an explosion confirmed that Zallirix, sacrificing himself, had destroyed the control mechanism of the vortex.

Ikirro, backed by the Hokanuka Catrolev, Slaryka and Lukanov and the assassin Rulanark, broke through a wall of the room the teams were trapped in and led the two teams outside of the fortress in an attempt to escape the dimensional vortex that had opened. When Lohrua was sucked into the vortex, the two teams (and other individuals there) agreed to fall in it after him, preferring to face the unknown together than for any of them to be separated.

Lihee's status since falling into the vortex is unknown, as is his location.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Elemental Fire Control: Lihee has control over the element of Fire, and is able to bend it to his will. Examples include:
    • Fire Creation: Lihee has the power to create flames and begin the process of combustion.
    • Fire Manipulation: Lihee has control over the movement of flames and can cause them to burn where he wants them to, in the direction he wants them to.
    • Fire Absorption: Lihee can absorb Fire to either temporarily boost his power, or to release the extra power in a concentrated blast.
    • Pyrokinesis: Uniquely, Lihee can surround and cover his own body in fire.
  • Kanohi Usage: As a Toa, Lihee can use masks of Noble and Great power levels.


  • Swordsmanship: Lihee is an extremely capable swordsman, considered one of the best in the Order of Altronia, and his use of a paired sword and shield is nearly unparalleled.
  • Tactician: Lihee is a fairly capable tactician, able to analyze the ebb and flow of a conflict (even while he is embroiled in it) and determine the best course of action.
  • Leadership: Since becoming the leader of the Universal Alliance, Lihee has become a capable leader, able to inspire and lead his compatriots.


Lihee wears the Kanohi Zeltiek, which he utilizes to grant him brief but extreme boosts in physical or elemental power. While his ability to use it was very limited during his exile in Metru-Nui, he has since re-mastered the mask.


Lihee carries an Inferno Tri-Sword, which channels his power and cuts things, as swords do.

He also carries an Absorption Shield, which allows him to capture, store, and use the energies or matter of something absorbed. It automatically absorbs projectiles blocked, unless Lihee wills it otherwise, and can be used to absorb other things as well, such as lava or air. The power is then shot out of the Tri-Sword, and Lihee is capable of adding his own power to it as well. The shield's only storage limit is how much energy Lihee is capable of storing without losing control or exploding, whichever is lower.

It is limited in that it cannot absorb living things, aside from Energized Protodermis and Makuta Antidermis, the latter of which can be unleashed again, with fire expelled simultaneously, to kill the Makuta. Also, if any energy-based attacks are absorbed after the Makuta is, it will also kill the Makuta. As neither energy has ever been absorbed, this is technically theoretical.

Personality and Traits[]

Lihee's personality has changed drastically over the course of many years, primarily due to Rularx's meddling with his mind. For close to a thousand years Lihee was doubtful, uncertain, and hesitant, as well as overly cautious.

With time and help, he has since mended to be much more like his past self. Currently, Lihee is spirited and energetic. He is very aware of the duty of a Toa and feels obligated, confident, and eager to carry out those duties. He despises evil in all its forms and is willing to fight it no matter the odds, and even at cost to himself.

While not exceedingly patient, Lihee is not quite the hot-head that many Toa of fire are considered to be, and prefers to be as calm and controlled as possible. In conflict, this is enforced by his swordsman training, which assists him being level-headed and focused.

Lihee is prone to missing the obvious more often than he should, but he often makes up for it by noticing smaller details that others might not.


  • Lihee was one of Argh's earliest Bionicle MoC's, and has gone through virtually no design change since his creation.
  • Lihee's name is based off the fictional name that was given to Lhikan, "Lhii."
  • Varon could beat 'em.