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Affiliation Hokanuka Cult
Powers Counter-Absorption
Kanohi None
Status Alive
Pronunciation LOO-kah-nahv

Lukanov is a Hokanuka from the Altronia Continuity.


Lukanov was the twenty-sixth Hokanuka to come into existence. Like Slaryka, he isn't really very old, being seven years older then Slaryka.

Naturally, he was instructed in assassination and espionage like all Hokanuka, but he decided to not go into the full training for assassination, feeling that it was immoral, even if necessary.

Kerris Archipelago[]

He had several various missions he went on, the biggest one in his opinion being a mission to Kerris Archipelago. A Hokanuka Agent had learned that a staff of great power had been hidden on one of the islands, and Zalkatrex ordered Lukanov to the island, though he didn't inform him of what he was guarding. Lukanov spent a great deal of time there, becoming friends with a former Toa named Vanix.

After a while, he was informed of his mission to protect the Staff and that a group of Dark Hunters were heading to the island to take it. with the help of Vanix and a group of Order of Mata Nui agents who had been sent to protect the staff, Lukanov managed to hold the Dark Hunters off until Iceriax arrived to help. Despite all that, one renegade Hunter stole the staff and attempted to teleport away. Lukanov and Iceriax failed to stop him, and in a last-ditch effort Iceriax tackled the Dark Hunter and both were whisked away, never to be seen again.

Afterward, Lukanov often took destructive missions that required plenty of sneakiness to get to the destruction part, or had clean up duty, taking care of any missions that another Hokanuka agent failed.

Lands of War[]

After many years, he was called from the field to return to Altronia in preparation for the inevitable conflict brewing on the island. When Zalkatrex withheld the Hokanuka from assisting the Order of Altronia during the battle of Altronia Fortress, Lukanov protested, but remained with the Cult forces.

After the Order's victory, the Hokanuka gathered their forces and joined the allied attack on the fortress of Makuta Cekadax, using Yaltrax to breach the mercenary force holding the gate. Lukanov joined the frontal assault that followed Yaltrax, fighting alongside Slaryka to cut through the mercenary force.

Once inside Cekadax's fortress, Lukanov joined forces with the Toa Zephin and a group of Altronians and entered the mustering hall of the fortress. They discovered Mistiv and Myriax within the hall easily finishing off a number of allied troops and the group went on the attack against them. Lukanov attacked Myriax alongside the Toa Zephin, though her enhanced lightning abilities were enough to keep him at a distance for the majority of the fight.

Eventually, Myriax unleashed a lightning blast that disabled nearly everyone in the room, while Lukanov, having absorbed much of the lightning, barely remained standing. Out of power, Myriax retreated and Lukanov collapsed after her departure.

By the time Lukanov regained consciousness, much of the battle was over, with Cekadax dead and her forces either routed, killed or captured.

After the battle, Lukanov sought solitude, questioning Zalkatrex's decision to withhold the Hokanuka's help until it was more convenient for them to assist, noting that the Hokanuka's intervention in the Battle of Cekadax's Fortress had saved hundreds of lives. He was joined by Slaryka and later Catrolev, both of whom were equally perturbed by their own morality and that of the Hokanuka Cult. He was shortly introduced to Rulanark as well, who shared similar concerns with the group. The four were then approached by Zalkatrex, who offered the job of hunting down Makuta Ikirro in the next upcoming battle and either eliminating or preventing the Makuta from participating in the larger fight.

The four agreed, and they joined the allied force consisting of the Hokanuka Cult, Order of Altronia, and Yelnir fleet in assaulting the base of Makuta Rularx on Crystal Island, which Ikirro had fled to with his meager forces and the allied generals believed could be taken.

While the battle began, Rulanark spotted Ikirro in an isolated vantage point, overlooking the battlefield, and the four confronted the Makuta together. After a brief and one-sided fight, the four prepared to be a suicidal distraction, up until Ikirro surrendered and offered to let them kill him, stating that he had thought he'd been fighting for the sake of order and justice but had been blinded by pride. Catrolev instead spared him, offering a chance for the Makuta to redeem himself alongside the four, and the Makuta agreed.

The five entered Rularx's fortress together right as his teleportation device was activating, which would send the entire fortress (and most of the island) into a dimensional vortex and to an unknown location elsewhere. Zallirix sacrificed himself to destroy the device, guaranteeing that Rularx could not teleport his fortress again, but the vortex already opened would not close. While in the fortress they discovered the Vindicators and Universal Alliance trapped within and freed the teams so that all of them could escape the dimensional vortex.

Unfortunately, Lohrua was sucked into the vortex and the rest of the Vindicators and Alliance opted to fall in after him. The five ultimately did the same, and Lukanov released himself to be sucked into the portal.

Lukanov's status since falling into the vortex is unknown, as is his location.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Counter-Absorption: Lukanov can absorb energy directed against him, either through his hands or weapons, and expel the power as its negative, as all Hokanuka can.
  • Agility: Lukanov is fairly agile, able to move with great speeds and perform impressive acrobatic feats.
  • Coordination: Lukanov is possessed of great coordination and muscle control. He is able to dexterously wield his broadsword and throwing daggers in combat.
  • Muscle Memory: Lukanov retains his fighting skill very well.
  • Sharp Senses: Lukanov is possessed of good senses, as are all Hokanuka.
    • Sight: He can see in the dark better than most beings, but his retinas are glare-shielded, thus bright lights do not bother him. Lukanov also has sharp vision in general.
    • Hearing: Lukanov, like all his brethren, can hear sounds far too soft for most species to pick up on, their hearing being comparable to some breeds of Rahi. However, this is not a weakness, since his eardrums are reinforced with shock-resistant cells to absorb the damaging power of large noises.
    • Touch: Lukanov and other Hokanuka have sensitive fingertips and feet, and can pick up on sensations too subtle for most to detect.
    • Smell: Lukanov is possessed of sensitive nasal cavities, enabling him to track via scent trails.


  • Swordsmanship: Lukanov is an extremely skilled fighter, being able to tie with Slaryka and being at least as skilled, if not better, as Lihee when it comes to sword fighting.
  • Stealth: Lukanov is very adept at being stealthy when he needs to be.
  • Demolitions: Lukanov is skilled with explosives and knows how to identify structural weak-points to maximize damage.
  • Brawler: While a fairly capable duelist, Lukanov is most comfortable fighting a handful of opponents at once, where his attacks can hit multiple opponents.
  • Accuracy: Lukanov is exceedingly accurate, both with his throwing knives and lobbed explosives.


Lukanov wields a large protosteel two-hander sword, his main weapon, and tends to carry an arsenal of throwing knives and explosives of various types.

Personality and Traits[]

Lukanov is a morally gray Hokanuka, who at one point idolized Iceriax and held many of the same core beliefs, namely that spying (on allies) and assassination were both morally wrong and one shouldn't have to resort to killing unless necessary. During his assignment on the Kerris Archipelago, his friendship with the dishonored Toa Vanix gave him the perspective that the Toa's ideals of morality weren't perfect, but were preferable to the traditional Hokanuka view of morals.

After the disappearance of Iceriax and the near-death of Vanix, Lukanov became less idealistic and much of his sense of humor and joy faded. He took stealth missions and destructive missions for the sake of having a challenge and the satisfaction of destroying the enemy, and it is only in very recent years that he has began to question both himself and the Hokanuka way again.


  • His sword is the second coolest sword Sidd and Argh have ever seen, second only to Riku's bat wing sword from Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.
  • Slaryka and Lukanov, due to their close age and friendship, are often considered brothers.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.