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Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Earth Control
Kanohi unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation LUHM-cah-Varr

Lumcavar is a bludgeoning member of the Order of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.


Lumcavar was created as a Matoran of Earth, and at some point became a Toa of Earth. Sometime after that, he joined the Order of Altronia and has served them for many years. Over this time he has gotten hardened and violence-prone, and is considered, to the Order to be something of a berserker in function.

Recently, Lumcavar was sent on a mission alongside Cardvor and Recvak to dispose of an artifact of great power by hurling it into a dimensional portal which had a variety of potential endpoints, some of them of a more permanently ending sort of nature. Unfortunately for the trio, mercenaries hired by Makuta Cekadax had control of the land the portal was located in and they were forced to fight their way through, suffering injuries in the process. Ultimately, though, the trio succeeded and escaped their enemy's grasp in time to find the portal while it was still open to an endpoint they actually wanted. Cardvor tossed the artifact into the portal just before the endpoint changed, and immediately afterward fell in due to his wounds and exhaustion. Recvak and Lumcavar both fell in after him attempting to catch him and the trio were portalled to an island unknown to them.

The trio landed on Crystal Island and were discovered by the Avenging Alliance and Universal Alliance shortly before the two groups were about to, conveniently, embark on a trip to Altronia under the navigational guidance of the Hokanuka kill team on the island. The three were treated for their injuries and joined the travelling party. During the trip, Recvak recouped in part by sparring with Lihee, while Lumcavar, who deeply hated boat travel, got temperamental and after a spat with Thravak had to be forcefully restrained by Recvak. Somewhat embarrassed by the event, Lumcavar chilled for the rest of the trip.

Upon returning to the Altronia Fortress Lumcavar reported the mission results and settled into training at the base till his next assignment. At some point during this time he sparred with Quake, finding himself a better boxer than the other Toa of Earth but physically outdone, and later with Suntrah, who proved too agile a warrior for the Toa of Earth to best.

When the Battle of Altronia Fortress began, Lumcavar defended the fortress with the rest of the Order of Altronia. While he did nothing of note, he did survive the battle without injury.

Lumcavar participated in the follow-up Battle of Cekadax's Fortress, joining Faxhuun as a honor guard alongside Cardvor. He helped breach Cekadax's throne room and fought the Mega-Rahkshi of Makuta Ikirro and then Recapar with his two fellow Toa. While the trio were able to defeat a Mega-Rahkshi on their own, Faxhuun was injured during the latter part of the fight, forcing Lumcavar and Cardvor to fight Recapar on their own. The two were able to hold against the empowered Shadow Toa, but were unable to overcome him until Quinvig arrived to help. The battle ended shortly after with the death of Cekadax and Lumcavar assisted in the cleanup process afterward.

Lumcavar joined the next occurring battle, the Battle of Crystal Island. He survived the battle, retreating at its conclusion with the bulk of the allied force and escaping the dimensional vortex.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Elemental Earth Control: Lumcavar has control over the element of Earth, and is able to bend it to his will. Examples include:
    • Earth Creation: Lumcavar has the power to create earth.
    • Earth Manipulation: Lumcavar has control over the movement of earth, and is able to direct it to his will or cause it to shake and create earthquakes.
    • Earth Absorption: Lumcavar can absorb earth, potentially to boost his power or release a larger blast of power.
  • Kanohi usage: as a Toa, Lumcavar can use masks of Noble and Great power levels.


  • Pugilist: Lumcavar is a capable brawler and boxer, able to take a punch and deliver an even better one.
  • Rage: Lumcavar is prone to going into a rage and overwhelming his enemies with brute force, which, depending on the situation, can be a boon or a bane for him.


Lumcavar's mask hasn't been decided. Derp.


Lumcavar wields Crusher Gauntlets, which are essentially armored gauntlets over his fists. He uses them to more effectively channel his earth powers and to punch harder.

Personality and Traits[]

Lumcavar is generally not a very sociable being. He is easily irritated, impatient, and lacking in social etiquette, which causes him to not stay around people who annoy him and those same people rarely spend any time around him either. He has something of an anger issue as well and is prone to letting his emotions get the best of him, something Faxhuun has taught him to rein in and demanded he keeps in check. One of the few beings who Lumcavar is perfectly okay around is Cardvor, and the two often work well together, with Cardvor reining in the worst tendencies of Lumcavar.


  • Lumcavar doesn't have a mask for the sole reason of "because Argh can't think of one for him yet."
  • Varon could beat 'em.