Wikitronia - the Altronia Continuity Wiki

Welcome to Wikitronia, the Altronia Continuity Wiki!


I, Faxhuun, leader of the Order of Altronia, bid you welcome to the database that I and my operatives are collaborating to create.

We are attempting to create the most comprehensive and thorough electronic library of knowledge about all those with whom we may interact. Any who wish to use this database are welcome to do so, unless they happen to be Makuta, operatives of their Brotherhood, or Dark Hunters. If any member of those groups is here, rest assured we will find out and we will take appropriate action. This database needs to be safe as well.

If you discover any neglected information or any other error in our database, we in the Order urge you to correct it. Any help in these dark times is appreciated. Also, do not feel as if you do not have permission to speak to any of our database users about anything that you need clarification on, because you do have that right, and again, we encourage you to do so.

In conclusion, I, Faxhuun, and we, the Order of Altronia, encourage you to read, improve, and enjoy the use of our electronic encyclopedia. Be courteous, be competent, and do not cross us. We will find you, and you won't like it when we do so.