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Matrix Staff
Function Energy Discharge upon contact
Status Destroyed
Location Crystal Island (Formerly)
Pronunciation N/A

The Matrix Staff is a weapon of death previously owned by Burtok.


The weapon was owned by the Avenging Alliance for some time, but Burtok tried to steal it. The Alliance retaliated, and hid the staff.

A year later, the staff was revealed to have been found by Burtok, and the Makuta used it on his enemies in their last battle on Crystal Island. The staff had a destabilization device stuck in one of its energy orbs, and when Burtok was locked in an alternate dimension, the staff blasted him back out and into Altronia.


The staff was a weapon of war, but also could be used as a generator.

The weapon had two orange orbs that were the binary matrices of its power. Energy was contained in the orbs after the staff's handle absorbed it from the environment, making sure it would never run out of energy. It would discharge energy upon impact, projecting a concussive wave of force out to do serious damage upon striking a target.


  • The weapon was built, but ironically a picture was never taken of it, so Sidd rebuilt it and took a picture of it recently.