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Position Just north of Artidax
Status Intact
Pronunciation Mehr-tih-rows

Mertiros is the home island of the Runask in the Altronia Continuity.



Mertiros is somewhat dry all year and windy in the fall. There are rains and snows, but other than that the weather is somewhat uneventful, except the fall. There are fierce winds in the autumn, which inhibits the flying time of the Runask, but also clears the island of dead leaves and infertile, dried topsoil.


Mertiros looks like a savanna. There are grasses and trees, but not many flowering plants. Still, there are several small forests, two of which the Runask have mostly cut down to accommodate increasing population. The fall winds clean the land of dried, used topsoil every year, revealing fresh dirt underneath, which the frees create all year by burrowing their roots into sedimentary rock.

Native Life Forms[]


There are several types of grasses on the island, which inhabit most of the unoccupied space. There are also several types of deciduous trees, which make up the forests. Some types of bushes with edible leaves dot the grasslands, much to the delight of the native Rahi.


A couple types of Rahi live here, like Kane-Ra, Nui-Jaga, Brakas, and, more recently, Scorpio-Spiders.


The island come into existence at the dawn of the Matoran Universe, and has remained intact and somewhat unchanged since. The Runask that inhabit it have not greatly changed it, but have built cities and removed some forests.

Known Inhabitants[]


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