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Affiliation Brotherhood of Makuta servants
Powers Electricity Projection
Kanohi Unknown
Status Alive
Pronunciation ME-ree-acks

Myriax is a Varen and servant of Makuta Cekadax.


Myriax was created millennia ago as one of the Varen people and lived among her kind for years.

At some point, she developed her skills with her electricity powers and became a mercenary, working with the Dark Hunters for a brief time before jumping ship and roaming as a mercenary.

Eventually she joined the army of Makuta Cekadax and fought in more than one battle for the Makuta, providing enough of a good impression to climb the ranks of the army. This was helped somewhat by Cekadax's own lieutenant Mistiv, who found an ally and kindred spirit in Myriax.

In time, Myriax's nature caught the attention of Cekadax herself and the Varen was appointed as a lieutenant alongside Mistiv, and she quickly joined in on the Altronian's rivalry against their shared superior, Zracknar. As a gift for her promotion, Cekadax had her engineers help Myriax design her signature Blaster Tridents.

During the events of Land of War, Myriax worked alongside Mistiv to train and test the many mercenary recruits in Cekadax's army and prepare them for the assault on the Altronia Fortress. When Makuta Ikirro arrived, Myriax found herself deeply impressed with Ikirro's own lieutenant, the Shadow Toa Recapar.

Myriax was withheld from the Battle of the Altronia Fortress alongside Mistiv to prepare secondary strikes against the Altronian peoples and fully secure the island in the event the battle was won, however with the defeat of the Brotherhood force she instead prepared the defenses of Cekadax's Fortress.

When an allied forced attacked the fortress, she and Mistiv received a massive power boost from Cekadax's ancient energy device and were ordered to hold the main training ground against all intruders. Myriax effectively did so, using her super-boosted electricity powers to fry dozens of Yelnir combat drones and kill numerous allied fighters.

When the Toa Zephin arrived at the training grounds alongside the Hokanuka Lukanov, she battled the Toa team but found herself unable to pin down any of her opponents. When Lukanov briefly blinded her and was at risk of attacking her up close, Myriax unleashed all of her excess energy in a massive blast of electricity. When that failed to down the Hokanuka, Myriax retreated before Lukanov or the Toa could fully recover, abandoning Mistiv.

Myriax attempted to return to Cekadax's throne room to make a stand alongside the Makuta, but was found by Makuta Ikirro before she reached the throne room. Ikirro ordered her retreat, declaring the fight a lost cause, and she retreated with the remnants of Cekadax's army and Ikirro's forces, who regrouped and fled to Crystal Island to join Makuta Rularx. This was deeply ironic to Myriax, since Rularx had always been at the top of Cekadax's kill list.

Myriax quickly fit in, though, as she didn't share the same grudge as her former master. Being one of the soldiers to hold status from among Ikirro's damaged force, both she and Recapar were tested and inducted into Rularx's mercenary elite, the Revolutionaries. Myriax's testing only put her at the middle of the elite group but she quickly antagonized the Revolutionary second-in-command, Astricus, whose weakness to lightning made him extremely vulnerable to her in combat.

During the Battle of Crystal Island, Myriax was held back with the rest of the Revolutionaries and unleashed at Rularx's command upon the Vindicators and Universal Alliance. Although she was defeated alongside the rest of the group, she survived the ordeal.

It is unknown what happened to her when Rularx's teleportation device dragged his fortress, and most of the island with it, through the dimensional vortex.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Elemental Lightning: Myriax can create and control elemental lightning much like a Toa of lightning, though she cannot absorb it. Her most common use of this is to unleash blasts of lightning.
    • Chain Lightning: Myriax can use the power of chain lightning to send lightning arcing from one target to another, though this requires more power and concentration from her.
  • Lightning Immunity: Myriax is completely immune to damage from lightning and electricity.
  • Kanohi Usage: Like all Varen, Myriax can use Kanohi masks of Noble and Great power levels, though like all members of her species she is more adept at using Noble Kanohi.
  • Ancient Energy Boost: While boosted by Cekadax's Ancient Energy Device, Myriax was able to channel much stronger blasts of lightning and better able to utilize chain lightning as well. Her control was increased as well, allowing her to unleash a cyclone of electricity that struck multiple enemies in a wide area. Lastly, she was able to unleash all of the remaining excess energy from the device at once, creating a blast of lightning akin to a miniature Nova blast.


Accuracy: Myriax is very accurate with her lightning bolts and her attacks are difficult to avoid.


Myriax carries twin Blaster Tridents, which both channel and boost her power. They are capable of storing a charge of lightning as well, allowing her to shock people with them without having to channel her power.

They are awesome.

Personality and Traits[]

Myriax's main goal in life is to always help herself first. She does whatever she can to get ahead in life and stay that way. Her service to Makuta Cekadax largely stemmed from the fact that serving the Makuta appeared to be the best path forward, and her service to Rularx is largely for the same reason.

Myriax has something of a cruel streak, which was refined while working alongside Mistiv and under Cekadax, though it is less severe than either of them. She takes particular enjoyment from electrocuting things but despises dirtying her hands in up-close and personal conflict. This did make her a good teammate with Mistiv, who fought up close while she supported from a distance.


  • Sidd provided her name, and it was based off the human name Miriam.
  • Varon could beat 'em.