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Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Plasma Control
Kanohi Great Mask of Biomechanics
Status Alive, active
Pronunciation NYE-tricks

Nytrix is a Toa of Plasma who serves as an Order of Altronia engineer from the Altronia Continuity.


Nytrix was once mutated on a mission, means unknown, culprit unknown. The mutation gave him elastic organic tentacles that he can heat to searing temperatures.

Nytrix escorted the Avenging Alliance to Faxhuun's office upon their arrival.

Nytrix was assigned with building two jetpack prototypes and teamed with Rajal to find a test pilot. Levuku was chosen, but Zallirix stole one of the prototypes and careened for Rajal, prompting him to duck. Nytrix tried to use his tentacles to reach Zallirix when the maniac was making an escape, but Zallirix got out of range to quickly.

Powers and Abilities[]

Nytrix has the elemental power over plasma, able to create, shoot, manipulate, and absorb ionized matter.

Nytrix has two organic tentacles coming out of his back that he can heat to molten temperatures. He can also stretch them to about three to four times their original length, and use the suckers on them to grab onto things and climb surfaces. He can also retract them under a piece of armor on his back, somewhat hiding them and getting them out of the way.


Nytrix wears the Great Mask of Biomechanics.


Nytrix's Crescent Blades channel his power, firing blasts of plasma out of nozzles in the center of the blade.

Personality and Traits[]

Nytrix apparently has some grasp of technology issues and ability to understand them, for he is an engineer. This requires at least moderate intelligence, but his good work on the jetpacks indicated higher than average.


  • Argh thinks Nytrix is one of Sidd's coolest MOC's.