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Powers Energy absorption-facilitated Growth, Chameleon
Kanohi None
Status Alive
Pronunciation Oh-TREE-dah

Otriedah is an Absorber from the Altronia Continuity.


She came into existence through an unknown means. Little is known about her early life. She is but one of her species, called "Absorbers," since their true name can only be pronounced by members of their own race.

She somehow came into custody of the Hokanuka, who, apparently intrigued by her abilities, decided to keep her in stasis and study her. However, some Chilas burrowed through the ceiling of the Hokanuka base and broke her stasis tube, freeing her. Yaltrax pulled a shelf in the way of the door, blocking her from escape. Slaryka then let her out, offering her freedom in the future of she'd agree to letting Yaltrax beat her and be confined to a stasis tube for a time. She agreed and engaged Yaltrax in combat. Yaltrax managed to put her back in stasis, and Slaryka consequently punctured her stasis tube, allowing her to escape shortly after. She found a note left by the assassin, and replied to a question he asked, revealing her name.


Note to self: STOP shooting her with eyebeams

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy-fueled Growth: Otriedah has the ability to absorb the kinetic energy of an attack through her armor and use the energy to grow, the rate of growth determined by the strength of the blow. Her maximum size is just shy of sixty feet tall. She still feels some of the pain from the attack, but only a fraction. Only her armor, not her organic tissue, can trigger the growth process. Otriedah can turn off her power at will as well, which automatically returns her to normal size and will retain that size until she re-activates her power.
    • Size-Alteration/Energy Drainage Immunity: While er power is turned off, Otriedah is immune to outside influence on her size or power level.
  • Chameleon: Otriedah is able to alter her exterior color to either look different or blend into a certain background.
  • Surface Adhesion: Otiedah can climb walls like a gecko through the use of electrically charged filaments on her hands and feet, which use electromagnetism and the fact that the ends of the filaments match the molecular surface of an object to allow her to climb the wall.
  • Agility: Otriedah is very agile.
  • Natural Tools: Otriedah has several body parts that are useful in combat.
    • Claws
    • Horns
    • Tail Blade

Personality and TraitsEdit

Despite her reptilian and Rahi-like appearance, she is a sapient being, and has a personality to speak of. She is normally gentle, but in combat she becomes more violent. Similarly, in normal life she is polite and friendly, but in combat she makes threats and makes no secret of her hostility to her opponent.



  • Her body design was based off that of Petrallax, just with more color. It has since been altered to a more unique design.
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