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Out of the Ashes
Setting Kerris Archipelago
Date Unknown
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Out of the Ashes is a side-story to the Altronia Continuity written by Argh.


Argh theorized for a while about Quake's backstory, and told Sidd about certain parts he wanted to write, but didn't get around to actually writing it until early 2011.

Then, at a Winter Advance held by the church he and Sidd go to, Argh was struck with the inspiration to write it during his spare time there. He was possibly influenced in this by the fact the Sidd was also using his spare time to write the transcript for Gone Tomorrow, and was also influenced by a song at the Winter Advance.

The story is currently in progress, being written and posted first on the Lego Message Boards to be scanned for errors and posted here.



  • Sidd pointed out on the bus ride back from the Winter Advance that he and Argh each worked on stories with possibly the best titles either had conceived. He did, however, forget to point out to Argh that he was identifying a coincidence when he said this.
  • Argh is having issues getting the lines to be placed like they are in source mode when in visual mode. It's extremely irritating, and makes things a bit harder to read.