Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Earth Control
Kanohi Great Jutlin (formerly), Great Mask of Inoculation
Status Alive
Pronunciation KWAKE

Quake is a Toa of Earth and member of the Order of Altronia in the Altronia Continuity.


Quake came into existence as a Matoran and was transformed into a Toa of Earth at some point, though his name was not Quake at this time.

Not too long into his career as a Toa, Quake was captured by the Brotherhood of Makuta and became a part of an experiment to boost a being's power to new levels, in the hopes of increasing the power of their Toa Hagah bodyguards. The experiment boosted Quake's ability but reduced his control and was considered a failure, and Quake was left to rot, imprisoned.

Makuta Rularx utilized the captive Toa for his own experiments in memory alteration and erasure, and after some work left the Toa of Earth without any memories or knowledge of how to use his own powers.

Eventually, madness from his captivity set in and Quake accidentally triggered his own elemental powers, freeing himself. He quickly used them to escape the Brotherhood fortress he had been held captive in and fled. After years of wandering, Quake was able to restore his own mind from the brink of madness and developed a handful of brief friendships, receiving the nickname "Quake" during that time for how the earth would shake around him whenever he was deeply focused or angry.

At some point, Quake traveled to the Kerris Archipelago. During his trip there he met a Runask martial artist who helped to greatly refine and improve Quake's fighting skills. After reaching the archipelago and parting ways with the Runask, he wandered the islands for quite some time. At some point he was hired to be a security enforcer for the Metru Building Co., who were trying to restore order in the island cluster, but the job didn't suite Quake well and he soon departed it, though he was able to refine his control of his elemental power during that time.

During this time he caught the attention of the jailer Razii and warden Varoak, whose initial attempts to recruit him were rebuffed quickly. A later incident where Quake and a young Varen named Torluv beat up some thugs brought the attention of Razii again, and this time Quake accepted the offer to join the Order of Altronia alongside Torluv.

During his stay at the Altronia Fortress Quake struggled to fit in and largely kept to himself or spent time with Torluv, helping to hone the younger fighter's skills and boost his self-confidence.

At some point he sparred with the overly aggressive Lumcavar, who he was able to beat with his boosted strength and superior martial skill.

With the arrival of the Universal Alliance at the Altronia Fortress, Quake was able to meet Zartok, who slowly managed to develop a friendship with the loner Toa.

Quake defended the Altronia Fortress during the Siege of the Altronia Fortress and fought in both of the follow-up battles, the first against Makuta Cekadax and the second on Crystal Island against Rularx, where the Makuta first captured the Toa and then revealed the previous mind-altering damage that had been inflicted on Quake by him. This angered Quake greatly, but he was unable to escape on his own and the Makuta escaped him.

When Rularx's teleportation device opened a dimensional vortex, Quake was pulled in. His fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


  • Elemental Earth Control: Quake has control over the element of Earth, and is able to bend it to his will. Examples include:
    • Earth Creation: Quake has the power to create earth.
    • Earth Manipulation: Quake has control over the movement of earth, and is able to direct it to his will or cause it to shake and create earthquakes.
    • Earth Absorption: Quake can absorb earth, potentially to boost his power or release a larger blast of power.
  • Kanohi usage: as a Toa, Quake can use masks of Noble and Great power levels.


  • Martial Artist: While his technique is unrefined, Quake is very capable in hand-to-hand combat and can outdo the average opponent.
  • Boosted Physicality: Due to experimentation by the Makuta, Quake is physically stronger and tougher than any normal Toa and is surprisingly agile for his size.


Quake wears a Mask of Poison Removal, capable of relieving a target or even Quake of all toxins, including Visorak venom, unless it has taken permanent hold, and even radiation poisoning.

He formerly wore a mask of corruption while living as an exiled Toa, but has since had it replaced due to its immoral nature.


Quake carries dual blades, which he can wield together for a double-bladed sword or as two separate weapons.

Personality and Traits

Quake has disliked his life for most of his life and feels somewhat cursed. He is not especially optimistic, preferring to consider himself honest and a realist, though in reality he is mostly just pessimistic about life. When first meeting people, he tends to immediately dislike them without good reason and his opinion only changes if they should prove him wrong later. This in turn makes many people not like him, though there are a few exceptions.

He prefers to be quick about things, without dilly dallying, which annoys people.

He does, however, have a conscious, so he is slowly working on improving his attitude, and he does genuinely desire to be a proper Toa who protects those weaker than him.


  • His personality reminds Sidd of Wolverine.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.
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