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Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Agility, Rahi communication
Kanohi Pakari (Formerly)
Status Alive
Pronunciation RAH-jahl

"Blades don't mean crud if you don't know how to use use them well."
―Rajal to Vaturi after owning her in a training match.

Rajal is a mutated Toa of Stone and Altronia trainer in the Altronia Continuity.


Rajal was on a mission from the Order of Altronia when he turned into what from a Toa of Stone he is by unknown means.

Rajal retained his rank in the Order, and actually moved up a little. He is seen as very effective, and has earned the privilege to train other members of the order.

Rajal was designated trainer of the Avenging Alliance when they were added to the Order's ranks. He has made good friends with Suntrah, and is learning to tolerate Vohk, as well as mentor Levuku. He was last seen overseeing the testing of two jetpack prototypes. He ducked when Zallirix, with a stolen prototype, barreled right for him. Rajal ducked, and tried to catch Zallirix, but failed and was forced to watch as Levuku faced off with the maniac.

He was added to the unit of the Order of Altronia that contained the Vindicators, so he was temporarily added to the team.

Shut up.

Powers and Abilities[]

Rajal used to have control over the element of stone, but lost that power when he was mutated.

Rajal is very agile, able to jump at least two stories straight up and handle his blades in the air with ease. He can also curl into a wheel, using his back spines as weapons, and roll at high speed, due to his newfound resistance to dizziness. His center of gravity is dead center in his torso, allowing flips to come naturally.

He can communicate with Rahi, being to able to understand their many languages and speak them himself.

Personality and Traits[]

Rajal is friendly, but frank and blunt. He gets along well with his students, and is happy to hear their thoughts and get to know them, but he is very blunt with his opinions, and is not afraid to speak his mind. These are, however, good traits to have in an instructor, which is why he is at his current position, and likely to get promoted.

Rajal has a sense of humor when not required to be official, and likes to make up humorous names for pieces of complex technology. Despite this, he usually thoroughly understands what they are and how they do what they do; he simply wants to be funny.


  • Rajal's body design was based off that of the Archives Moles and the beast Takanuva met in the world from Journey of Takanuva.
  • Rajal is awesome.