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Affiliation Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Stone
Kanohi Xeriga
Status Alive
Pronunciation Rah-ZYE-ah

Razii is a Toa of Stone and member of the Order of Altronia from the Altronia Continuity.


Razii became a member of the Order of Altronia at some point, and was put to work as a sheriff away from Altronia and as a trainer while at Altronia.

Razii was attacked by Zallirix upon returning from missions from time to time, and each time he won, but he nearly lost the first.

Razii was the one who found and recruited Quake and Torluv.

Razii is currently active for the Order.

Powers and Abilities[]

Razii has the power over minerals and inorganic sediment all Toa of Stone have.

Razii is quick to retaliate in combat and resourceful, which is how he was able to beat Zallirix.

His Kanohi Xeriga decreases the amount of time it takes him to react to stuff and allows him to repeatedly pummel his enemies by warping right up to them while punching or kicking.

Personality and Traits[]

Razii has a dry sense of humor, and likes to comment on his opponents mistakes, possibly to keep himself entertained and to annoy his enemies so they can't concentrate.

Razii has a strong will and lots of determination, which keep him going and drive his fights for justice and safety of others.


  • His name was originally Kala (which is a REALLY lame name for a guy Bionicle), so I changed it to Razii. Sidd wanted it to be Razia, but I disagreed, so his name stayed as Razii.
  • Varon could not beat 'em.