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Repulsion Spear
Function Combat
Powers Repulsion
Status Intact
Location Unknown
Pronunciation N/A

The Repulsion Spear is Vahkon's tool in Kanahka's Chronicle.


The Spear can fire a beam of repulsive energy from the tip when pressed or stabbed into something, and/or when the user wills it to. The strength of this blast is determined by the user's proximity to the target, so the strongest burst can be fired when touching the target. The user can simply repel people and objects, or use the staff to repel from walls and floors for greater mobility and speed.

The staff also has a projectile function, firing energy vectors from the tip. This attack is in no way affected by immersion in water.

It can also be charged with energy for more power in close combat.


  • The staff's look is almost unchanged from November 2005, when it was first made up. It had different, lamer powers then.