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Goal Enforce the Brotherhood's conquest
Status Active
Allies Brotherhood of Makuta
Enemies Order of Altronia, Dark Hunters, Toa

The Revolutionaries are a team of Brotherhood of Makuta servants that acts as enforcers.


The Revolutionaries were put together by Makuta Rularx, meant to be an elite team of warriors ready to enforce Rularx's and the Brotherhood's agendas. They were supervised during their early days by Dastrox, while the team was still being assembled.

It became apparent very early on that Astricus and Tamrix would never get along.

The team relocated, along with its master, to Crystal Island, where they were soon met by Makuta Ikirro. After Rularx introduced them, Ikirro tested the team members' battle prowess, and was satisfied. Shortly after he left, Vissus declared that there should be no fighting for the rest of the day, to allow the team to recuperate. It was then that Myriax, who had been hiding in their dormitory, came out of hiding. Zortak revealed that he knew her form when the two of them worked for Cekadax. Astricus received permission to test Myriax's mettle in anticipation of possibly adding her to the team roster.



  • The team had no planned name for a while, and was not even a team in concept until recently. Originally its members were just a collection of Brotherhood servants who were to make appearances in the story.