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Affiliation Toa Tronux, Vindicators, Order of Altronia
Powers Elemental Lighting
Kanohi Great Bodori
Status Alive
Pronunciation ROO-tah

Rewta is a Toa of Lightning and member of the Toa Tronux from the Altronia Continuity.


Early Life[]

Rewta came into existence as a Vo-Matoran in an unknown location, and eventually became a Toa through similarly unknown circumstances. During the Time Slip, her powers being used in a particular way caused a freak accident where she was trapped in a malfunctioning warp gate and suspended in an alternate timestream where time seemed to move slightly slower.

Bored, Rewta made her way to Voya Nui so that she could watch the volcano erupt whenever it did. While she was there, she made her way to the recently opened 777 stairs, and was returned by the Kanohi Ignika to the main time stream. She encountered a Protodax that randomly made its way up the stairs to a point before any of the other guards. She ran out of the staircase and discovered that she was back to the normal timestream and that an agent of the Order of Altronia named Sybeko was waiting for her to give her a mission.

More details will be given in the revised Gone Tomorrow.

Rewta returned with Sybeko to Altronia and shortly after encountered Lihee, surprising him by imitating a pillar with her new mask power and letting him run into her. The two of them became fast friends.

Rewta was attacked by Voran under Burtok's control, and Voran, unable to shake the Makuta's hold on his mind, pleaded for Rewta to put him out of his misery, as well as take his place among the Avenging Alliance. Rewta ended Voran's life as painlessly as she could.

In the aftermath of Burtok's manipulation of both Voran and Rewta, Suntrah decided to induct her into their team. When Rewta was added to the Avenging Alliance, she was introduced to the Toa Tronux, whom she took a liking to.

Shortly afterward, when the Avenging Alliance was restructured and became the Vindicators, the Toa Tronux added Rewta to their ranks, consolidating the Toa in the team under one banner.

The Vindicators were on the brunt of an advance attack by Zortak and other forces of Cekadax, but even as they defeated the few advance scouts, Makuta Ikirro invaded the fortress himself and opened the gate, allowing Cekadax's full army to enter the fortress grounds. The Order was having difficulty repulsing the attack, but Choro's people, the Yelnir, arrived in a fleet of airships to finally turn the tides of battle.

After a brief respite, the Order pushed back against Cekadax with the help of the Yelnir fleet, Zalkaterex opening the gate to Cekadax's Fortress and allowing the Order's army and his Hokanuka brethren to enter unimpeded. The Vindicators and Universal Alliance encountered Cekadax and Ikirro, the latter of whom teleported them outside to deal with them himself. The teams combined barely defeated the Makuta, but only temporarily, and they retreated, grateful to still be alive. After Cekadax's death at the hand of Trallix, the rest of her force was either purged or retreated with Ikirro to Crystal Island to meet with that of Rularx.

Some members of the Toa Tronux were part of the formation of the Toa Nui Altron, which fought Rularx personally until the Makuta applied his confusion power, followed by fragmentation, ripping the fusion apart mentally and physically. As soon as he regained individuality, Bartha took the opportunity to destroy Rularx's mechanism for generating Siebmoz, bringing the production of the creatures, and the momentum of Rularx's forces in the battle, to a halt.

The Vindicators and the Universal Alliance fought Rularx to a near-standstill outside his fortress, before being teleported inside and pitted against the Revolutionaries by Rularx. The Toa Tronux specifically engaged Tamrix, Gordok, and Strygel, who led them into Tamrix's Rahi pens, where the beasts were unleashed on them to even the odds. However, they were soon joined by other, victorious, members of their team, and their enemies were defeated quickly with the Vindicators' support. Rularx then captured the teams temporarily, informing them that he considered them is primary nemeses, before leaving to deploy his giant version of the Time Dilation Accelerator, planning to transport Crystal Island elsewhere. When the Time Dilation Accelerator was sabotaged by Zallirix, the island, the Vindicators, the Universal Alliance, and several others, were sent to the Junction Dimension as the Order of Altronia retreated.



  • Elemental Lightning Control: Rewta has near-complete control over the element of Lightning, and is able to bend it to her will. Examples include:
    • Lightning Creation: Rewta can generate electricity out of thin air which she can then control.
    • Lightning Manipulation: Rewta can control the power and current path of electricity, as well as project lightning at a target.
    • Lightning Absorption: Rewta can absorb electrical power to either temporarily boost his power, or to release the extra power in a concentrated blast.
  • Kanohi Usage: Rewta, being a Toa, can use Kanohi Masks of Noble and Great power level.
  • Fragmentation Rhotuka: Rewta's Rhotuka have the ability to cause objects to break apart, the strength of the effect depending on how much the spinners are charged. She currently does not possess the necessary equipment to use them.


  • Quick Learning: Rewta is capable of taking in information quickly and formulating it into novel ideas and concepts afterward. She picks up new skills just as expediently as she becomes personally familiar with others.
  • Athletic Skill: With millennia alone and little to do, Rewta had plenty of time to practice her physical abilities, becoming strong, fast, and coordinated with her swordfighting, aim, and acrobatics.


  • Kanohi: Rewta wears a Great Kanohi Bodori.
  • Voltage Blade: Rewta carries a curved sword capable of channeling her elemental power. Since her mask is capable of reshaping its owner's tools as well, she often changes the sword's shape, and sometimes stores it within her body mass.


Rewta is a youthful soul, having spent many milennia without much to experience or do, and her relief at being able to interact with other beings has caused her to be enthusiastic and outgoing, ready to make friends and have adventures. Rewta is canny, but blunt, often approaching situations in an unhelpfully straightforward manner, and is sometimes caught off guard by complex or unfamiliar situations, unsure of how to progress other than going with her gut. Rewta often forms strong first impressions of people, often being quick to categorize some as "good" and others as "evil" in her mind, regardless of the complexities the situation may present.



  • Rewta is two inches shorter than Lihee.
  • Rewta has found over time that the most efficient way to channel her powers is by projecting the electricity along her index and middle fingers, thus acting like an electrode.