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Affiliation Brotherhood of Makuta
Powers 42 Rahkshi Powers
Kanohi Great Tryna
Status Alive
Pronunciation ROO-larks
"Gotta give you credit, Makuta. You’re perfectly honest about yourself."
"It’s my best quality.
Altron and Rularx [src]

Rularx is the Makuta of Gahnu Nui in the Altronia Continuity.


Rularx was a member of the Brotherhood since his creation, and still is.

At some point, he decided to taunt Cekadax by dropping a Rahi in a prototype of her ultra-strong armor brew, for which he paid by getting blown through most of the building and into several Rahkshi. He has hated Cekadax intensely since.

He apparently enslaved Sybeko and few other Runask and turned them into lab assistants to help with his experiments in robotics and mutagenics. Sybeko tried to kill the Makuta with a fake formula, as well as use it to buy his freedom from Rularx before he died, but Rularx had seen that before and had Sybeko test it on himself. Sybeko was warped and ejected from Rularx's fortress.

Later, Rularx, along with Burtok, Rayzok, Cekadax, and Ikirro, were assigned by their higher-ups to some task. The task apparently involved the takeover of Altronia and the usage of the Lightning Crystals on Crystal Island for weapons, for the Makuta coalition set about doing just that. Rularx's wherabouts before he took over Burtok's fortress upon the locking of its master in a dimensional void are unknown. Rularx took over the fortress and renovated it to suit his needs.

Before he even finished this task, however, his telescreen, whihc he had been using to communicate with Cekadax, activated with a message from Ikirro. Cekadax was dead, and Ikirro was retreating from Altronia to Crystal Island. Rularx welcomed him with false cordiality. Ikirro noted that the Brotherhood of Makuta flags had been modified so that the mask displayed on the symbol was not the Mask of Shadows, but Rularx's mask. Rularx shrugged it off as an innocent mistake.

After showing Ikirro around the fortress and introducing him to the Revolutionaries and Dastrox, Rularx went to work modifying a prototype of Burtok's Time Dilation Accelerator into a landmass transportation device, with the intention of using it to transport Crystal Island around like Destral. He was interrupted by Dastrox informing him of an attack on the fortress by the Order of Altronia. Rularx gave Dastrox permission to act as field commander, and went to Ikirro to speak with him about his brother's uncharacteristic behavior. Ikirro did not wish to speak and convinced Rularx, in a show of anger, to leave and fight the battle without Ikirro's help.

Powers and Equipment[]


  • Shadow: Rularx is capable of wielding Shadow power in multiple fashions.
    • Shadow Projection: Rularx can create Shadow and fire shadow energy from his hands.
    • Shadow Absorption: Rularx can absorb Shadow to boost his power or simply release again at an opponent.
    • Shadow Hand Projection: Rularx can create a shadow hand to do his bidding. He decides beforehand what the hand should do and aims it; the hand does the rest.
  • Multipowers:Rularx has access to all 42 of the known Rahkshi powers, with Shadow being the strongest. Some are more prominent than others in different Makuta, and those that are especially strong in Rularx are listed below.
    • Fragmentation: Rularx can induce objects to explode violently, either by firing bolts of energy at them or simply by concentrating on them. This is usually what he uses to kill his enemies, since it is very easy to cause fatalities with.
    • Illusion: Rularx can cast illusions that fool all five senses, unless his target's mind is shielded. This power limited by Rularx's ability to create a plausible illusion. If there is too much inconsistency in the false world, his target will notice and the illusion will dissolve.
    • Laser Vision: Rularx has practiced use of his laser vision enough to heighten its potency beyond the level of most Makuta. Rularx has little trouble punching through metallic protodermis with his laser vision, and tends to sweep his beams in an arc, causing further-reaching damage.
  • Flight: Rularx can fly thanks to his wings.
  • Kanohi Usage: Rularx can wear and use Kanohi of Great power level.


  • Cunning Strategist: Burtok was able to conceive complex strategies with relative ease and use them to great effect.
  • Deception: Rularx is a skilled liar, and tends to mnipulate people quite often to try to get what he wants of them.
  • Expert Scientist: Rularx is, as are all Makuta, possessed with a genius-level intellect,and having experience in robotics, biology, high technology, mechanical engineering, and nuclear sciences.
  • High Power Level: Rularx is a powerful Makuta. Even though he is not a warrior by nature, his personal Antidermis energy has been kept at a high level, which makes him powerful overall.


At the time of Sybeko's capture, he only carried a sword. Since then he has created a twirling chain weapon.


Rularax wears the Kanohi Tryna, Mask of Reanimation.

Personality and Traits[]

Rularx has been described by Sybeko as having every personality defect in the book, even more than Teridax. This a nearly accurate assessment, for Rularx is egotistical, aloof, cruel, sexist, ambitious, deceitful, and thoroughly evil in nearly every way. Perhaps his only positive trait is that he has a perfectly honest opinion of himself, but this is cancelled out by the fact that he doesn't care, because he loves himself too much.

Rularx is a witty conversationalist, and a master with crafting his words to perform a specific purpose. This is enhanced by his mask, which can convince anyone of his being truthful unless they are set fast to disagree with him.


  • Rularx was built using parts generously donated by Czar.
  • Rularx is tied with Zallirix for the honor of being Sidorak12814's favorite character to write for.