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Affiliation Lihee's Team
Powers None
Kanohi Matoran Mask
Status Alive
Pronunciation Roo-PIE-koo

Rupiku is a Matoran from the Altronia Continuity.


He was a Matoran living on some island. Sidd made up a lot of his past, but it remains to be seen whether Argh will agree to it.


Rupiku is quick, due to training and living under harsh conditions, and is strong, as all Po-Matoran are. This makes him a good athlete, and gives him a chance against larger opponents. He is being trained in stealth, making use of his small size and inconspicuous appearance.


Rupiku has a Matoran Mask of an unconfirmed latent power.


Rupiku carries two shredders that allow him to fight and scale sheer surfaces.

Personality and Traits[]

Rupiku is feisty and has a good lot of enthusiasm. He is ready to do all he can to help the Toa beat the Brotherhood, and to being justice pretty much everywhere. He is also a little self-indulgent, since living with limited nourishment was slowly killing him, and, now that he has access to better resources, he is enjoying it a little too much.

He is sometimes regarded as being lazy, but, though he sometimes is, it's no often as bad as it seems. He is simply, despite being a Po-Matoran, not a physically strong or durable as his allies.


  • He and his village are unusually short, but there seems to be no reason for it.
  • Varon could beat 'em.