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Powers Expendability
Tools Laser-equipped blades
Status Thriving
Location Crystal Island
Pronunciation SEEB-mohz

Siebmoz, or Bloodfiends, as their creator Rularx refers to them, are a race of artificial combat drones in the Altronia Continuity.



Siebmoz are bipeds with a reptilian appearance, sporting spines on their heads and backs. They have large, sharp teeth, claws, and are equipped with a mechanical arm ending in a blade/laser blaster combination.

The few Siebmoz that are classified as Elite Siebmoz also sport winged flight packs on their backs and thicker body armor.


Siebmoz are of average physical strength for biomechanical creatures of their size, and have rather light armor plating. Thus, they are easy to kill individually. However, in a large group they can be deadly.

The Elite Siebmoz are capable of flight thanks to their external flight packs.

Siebmoz are also extremely simpleminded, which makes them easy to outwit.

A Seibmoz Elite

Society and Culture[]

Sebmoz have a very simple society. They follow the Elites, and they obey their masters. They also kill anyone their masters don't like.

They, interestingly, have their own language, and it is within this language that they named themselves "Siebmoz."


Rularx created them as an "improvement" on the "inefficient" way that Rahkshi come into existence, trying to get more warrior for the same cost in Antidermis. He was successful in creating them using his own life force, and dubbed them "Bloodfiends."

Rularx subsequently unleashed hordes of his creations on the Order of Altronia when they attacked his fortress on Crystal Island.

A standard Seibmoz


  • Their name is a bit of an inside reference between Sidd and his friends. Once Argh was at ToaCzar's house playing Halo 3. Upon seeing a group of Yam'ne'e attacking him, he cried, "Ahh! Bloodfiends!" This was so amusing to his two friends that they turned it into a running gag.
    • In addition, there was a time when ToaCzar took to saying random words to interrupt conversations. A common word he said was "Zombies!" but one time, for a change of pace, he said, "Siebmoz!" which is "zombies" backward.